Somewhere along the way, Mother's Day became less about me and more about the people I loved.

It became about my kids and making sure they felt special.

It, of course, became about my mom and making sure she felt loved.

It became about my husband and making sure he felt appreciated.

One year my husband asked what I wanted for Mother's Day. I said, "What I really want is a little quiet time for me. Just for me." I felt so guilty saying that out loud, but it was true. I just wanted a little break from having to take care of everyone else. I wanted to focus on me for a little bit. From that point forward, my husband has always made sure that during Mother's Day weekend I get some time for myself. I love it.

I still make sure my kids feel special.

I still make sure my Mom feels loved.

I still make sure my husband feels appreciated.


I also make sure I get some time for me.

That's what Mother's Day should be. It should be a day when you get to take care of yourself because the rest of the year you take care of others.

Here are 3 things every woman should do for herself on Mother's Day.

1. Indulge

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Go ahead. Do it! Eat that chocolate cake you have been craving all week while you've been munching your lunch salads. Go ahead: purchase that expensive piece from Victoria's Secret you keep putting in your shopping cart but never end up buying. Go ahead: order that high-priced, high-carb dinner on the menu. Just go ahead and do it!

You are a hard-working mama. Celebrate that and give into a little indulgence on your special day.

2. Savor

A mother's time is full: from the minute the alarm goes off to the second her eyes close at night. The day is full of taking care of the needs of others. Rarely is there an opportunity to take time for herself.

Declare this Mother's Day as a day for you and savor some time for yourself.

I love quiet time. My idea of savoring my alone time is sitting on my couch in my bedroom eating french fries and watching a romantic movie. It gives me a chance to breathe, to laugh and to not have to think about anyone but myself.

You deserve to have those moments every now and then, and what better day to savor that time for yourself than on Mother's Day?

3. Release

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Motherhood is synonymous with guilt, isn't it?

At least it is for me. I feel guilty for everything: for not spending enough time with my kids, for letting them watch too much TV, for letting them eat McDonald's. I feel guilty for wanting some time for myself. You name it, and I feel guilty about it.

Release yourself of that guilt today.

Remind yourself that you are a great mother. In your heart, you may know that you are. You are doing the very best you know how for your children. And, your kids are amazing. That must mean you are doing something well. Right?

So, for this one day that is dedicated to all mothers, let go of the guilt, even if just for the day.

You are doing an incredible job. You are an exceptional mom. Your kids are happy. They know how much you love them. You are fantastic. Own that this Mother's Day and let it go.

Being a mother is a job full of endless challenges and abounding joy. For all that you do for your kids and your family, celebrate yourself this Mother's Day. Remember - you deserve to indulge yourself, savor time and release guilt.

Monday morning will come all too soon.

Enjoy your Sunday and have a truly happy Mother's Day.

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