I remember attending a wedding not long after I was married. The officiator gave some good advice which has influenced me in my own marriage. He said, "Pray for your spouse, in your own prayers and as you pray together. The love you feel for your spouse will increase as you pray for him or her." Marriages work well when spouses care for and are concerned about each other. A good marriage puts selfish behavior aside. Praying for your spouse will improve your relationship. Consider the following four reasons you should pray for your spouse.

See your spouse as God does

I have found that as I pray for my husband, I am allowed to see him as God does, with unconditional love and infinite potential for good. This revelation adds an element of depth and meaning to our relationship. When we disagree or are frustrated with each other, those feelings don't last long if I return to praying for him and remind myself of how special my husband is.

Thank God for your spouse

. It's important to express gratitude to God for blessings, including your spouse. Thanking God for your spouse, specific characteristics she has that bless your life or kind things she does for you, will help your feelings of love and gratitude grow.

Pray for things your spouse needs. There are times when I pray individually for my husband and the blessings I think he needs, but I feel more power in prayer when I pray aloud for him during our prayers together, particularly if he is struggling with something. Calling upon God to help your spouse shows faith in his ability to ease the burden, or even remove it. It also shows a great deal of love and devotion.

Pray to be a better spouse

Even after many years of marriage, I am not a perfect wife. Sometimes my time and energy is drained from taking care of our children, and I have little left for my husband. I have learned that relying on the Lord in all things, even being a good spouse, is helpful. At times I pray to feel more affectionate and selfless. Other times I pray to know how best to serve my husband. Then I try to look for answers to my prayers and put my faith to the test by acting on inspiration I receive.

Invite God into your relationship

In a marriage class I attended with my husband, the teacher drew a triangle on the board and then put "husband," "wife," and "God" in the corners. He taught us about how God is an important part of a marriage relationship. I know God is interested in the state of my marriage and wants me to be happy. Praying to him about my concerns and joys invites him to teach me and bless me. Praying with my husband at the end of each day about our marriage and family helps us stay connected with God.

If you are a spiritual person who prays often, adding in specific prayers for your spouse will be easy. If prayer is new to you, start with a prayer of gratitude for your spouse. All marriages have ups and downs. If yours is going through a rough patch, prayer might help you feel more love for your spouse and find solutions to problems you are experiencing. There are many good reasons to pray for your spouse. Try a few of these and see how much better your relationship can be.

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