The first thing that you think about when you wake up is your dream. Many questions boil inside your head as you try to discover the meaning behind it all.

Some say that our dreams are simply fantasies from our daily thoughts, others say our dreams reveal the future. And there are hundreds of other theories trying to unravel the purpose of our dreams as well.

Although the questions you have from your dream may be different each night, one question remains: Was that dream an answer from God, or just the result from drinking too much hot cocoa the night before?

As you ponder this question, answer these four questions as well. This may very well tell you whether or not your dream is in fact a revelation from the man upstairs.

1. Is your dream contrary to your beliefs?

Ask yourself whether your dream is contrary to the word of God.

God is not going to tell you through your dreams to cheat on your wife, murder someone or steal money from a family member. This type of dream is not from God.

The Bible has warned us that evil spirits or sorcery will deceive us, but it never said that God would be the cause of that.

2. Does your dream reveal an answer?

You have been praying for an answer for a while now but have maybe stopped listening for an answer. God can send dreams in order to communicate with us. Some people listen better to the words of God when they have their answer revealed in a dream.

The apostle Paul had a dream about which direction he needed to take and it led to many great experiences because he listened.

Sometimes we don't know what He may be telling us, and that is normal. Just hold on to that dream and remember its significance to you now. It may be revealing something you need to know at a later time.

3. Did you still remember your dream weeks later?

It's been a week and you still remember every little detail. Dreams from God are vivid and specific. They are very hard to forget.

When Daniel from the lion's den revealed King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, it was because the dream was so real and he couldn't forget it even when he tried.

This represents a dream from God.

4. Did it come true?

When the dreams from the prophets of old came true, they knew it was a revelation given from God. Have any of your dreams come true?

If so, compare this dream to that of one that came true. Were the details similar? Is this dream just as memorable as the last one?

Your dream could have very well come from God. He wants so desperately for you to listen to him and for your questions to be answered that he try's to communicate with you in the most unique ways.

If you ask yourself these four questions, you will be able to determine whether your dream is really from God.

Remember, if you want to know what it means, you can always take that question back to God. He wants you to know his will.

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