We all know a family that appears to have it all together. Mom and Dad seem madly in love, the children never fight and nobody ever has a hair out of place or a wrinkle on their shirt. It is easy to be jealous of this family, but you must remember that nobody truly has it all together. There are many things that go on behind closed doors that would shock you. But even if your family is a large mess of chaos, it is possible to improve. Here are four tips to help your family get it together.

1. Plan your day

One of the easiest ways to avoid chaos and create a more organized household is to have a plan. Each night before you go to bed look ahead to the following day. Plan out your meals, your to-do list and even your schedule. If you know you will have a busy day, you can even plan out you or your children's clothes. A little planning can help relieve daily stress and help you stay on top of your most important tasks throughout the day.

2. Communicate

Communication is critical in managing a family and a household. Communication is one of the few ways you can eliminate frustration and confusion. Don't just expect everyone to pitch in and help, ask for help among family members. Talk about one another's day and their successes and challenges. Also, talk about the needs of each family member and what you can do to help one another. If your family doesn't communicate each other's needs and wants, it is easy for relationships to crumble because of frustration, irritation and disappointment.

3. Spend time together

A family that spends time together, stays together. When you make it a priority to spend time together as a family, relationships and bonds form that are impossible to tear down. Family time can be something as simple as having dinner together every night or dedicating one night a week to a family activity. When you create these strong bonds, friendships form and service becomes more evident in your home. Fights and arguments will still be present, but they may be less prominent.

4. Avoid the judgments

You cannot compare your family to another. Every family is different. There are different problems, issues, events and backgrounds that affect a family. When you compare your family to another, you notice their strengths and compare it to your weaknesses. If you want a family that has it all together, you must focus solely on your own. Don't try to stay caught up with the Jones or the Smiths. Focus on your family and the areas that could use the most improvement. Avoid any type of judgmental behavior; it will only cause you more heartache.

Even though you may feel like your family is a chaotic mess, you may not realize that others look at your family and think you have it all together. Even though there are ups and downs in a family, when you work together you can overcome anything.

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