The gap between morality and the standards of the world is widening exponentially. Those who seek to pollute the world with filth are not hidden in some secure corporate building in some far away city. Technology is such that anyone who knows how to use a computer can influence the world for good or bad. Here are four ways you can protect yourself and your family from the plague of pornography.

1. Know your enemy

Do not help to hide the enemy. In the military, when soldiers are being attacked, they are taught to shout out the distance and direction of the enemy. They also quickly identify how many enemy combatants are engaging them. This loud and automatic response helps every soldier know the dangers that lie ahead.

Pornography is everywhere and can ambush you after a simple click of a mouse or the search of an innocent word on the Internet. Even social media sites have a dark side. Pornography is an enemy to families. It destroys confidence in a father and degrades the beauty of a mother.

Soldiers have standard operating procedures (SOPs) that help keep them safe. Create a set of family SOPs that you can practice if pornography manages to infiltrate your home. I recommend that your family SOP in dealing with pornography include at least the following steps when pornography enters your home:

  • Discuss the situation that led to pornography entering your home. Discuss what website you were on and what you were searching for when it happened. Be open and honest in your discussion.

  • Decide what "battle drill" you will implement to defeat pornography if it enters your home. For example, when pornography appears you can teach your family members to immediately look away, turn off the monitor, shut down the computer and let a parent know that you were just attacked by the enemy. Remember the soldiers that shout out the distance and direction of an enemy.

2. Know yourself

Perhaps having a filter on your computer is helpful to defend yourself and your family to a certain degree. The most powerful filter you will ever come across is yourself. Understand that you are the one in control of the buttons. Computers do not think or act for themselves; they do exactly what we tell them to do.

You need to be strong. You need to set the example for your family. If you are tempted or curious, do not be afraid to discuss your feelings with a family member. You can also visit with a local religious leader who will be there to help give you ideas to avoid falling into the trap of pornography.

3. Know your limits

So you don't have to wonder, pornography is not just a video of sex or a nude picture. Pornography can be anything that weakens your morals or influences your thoughts in a way that degrades members of the opposite sex. If a picture, song, movie or thought is taking you to a place you would not be comfortable with your children then you had better run away.

There are some things in life that seem innocent on the surface. These are hidden traps to help ease your thoughts into the baseness of immorality. Know your limits and stay as far in the lines as you can.

4. Establish a family SOP

I am not suggesting that you train a Seeing Eye dog and walk around with your eyes closed. I simply wish to encourage you to know your enemy. Pornography will destroy your spirituality and will damage delicate family relationships. Understand that it is everywhere and you need to choose to avoid it.

Know yourself and realize your limits. Any situation, picture, sound or video that drags your thoughts to a place that you would be ashamed of, if they were revealed, should be avoided at all costs.

As a soldier, I am taught to never quit, never accept defeat and do not run away from a fight. In the case of pornography, however, I suggest you run away as far as you can as fast as you can. You must do something to protect yourself and your family from pornography. It must be discussed in the home and a family plan of defense must be implemented. Establish your family SOP today to help defeat this enemy and protect your family.

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