Mothers are inspirational, influential, sacrificing and selfless. Whenever Mother's Day rolls around, it seems impossible to find that perfect gift; the one that comes from the heart rather than just the wallet. Of course, it's the thought that counts. So let your thoughts for the women in your life influence your gift ideas. Here are 5 meaningful and unique gift ideas to try this year.

Take her on a date

When was the last time you had some one-on-one time with your mom? As a mother myself, I find that time with my own mom is filled with grandkids, cousins and siblings. I absolutely love spending time with extended family, which makes one-on-one time that much more precious.

Family Cookbook

Moms love cookbooks. The more meal ideas to choose from, the better. Instead of buying any random cookbook, take it up a notch. Enlist your siblings, aunts and cousins to compile as many family recipes as you can collect. Who knew your great-grandmother made a killer angel food cake, or your uncle was a dutch-oven expert? Now when your mom cooks these meals, they will really be made with love.


This can be a gift that keeps on giving all year long. Whether it be for her favorite magazine, an instant streaming app or some clothes or goodies delivered to her door each month, you can surely find something that fits her personality. The possibilities are endless.


This one is especially appealing for moms with young children. Husbands, we know you mean well, but letting her "sleep in" for 15 minutes only to be disturbed by the kids knocking on her door and demanding attention just doesn't cut it. Let her enjoy some real peace and quiet until she's good and ready to be up for the day. Then, let the pampering commence.

Teach each other

Maybe you are an expert at digital scrapbooking or a skilled yoga master. Did you know your mom has hidden talents, too? Perhaps she's amazing at the accordion or a mean mechanic. Ask her to teach you. You both get to learn something new and spend time together. Win-win.

Mother's Day is about making mom feel extra special. You don't have to spend a lot of money or make a big production. Think about the things that make your mom who she is. Make the day, not just the gift, about her.

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