Whether you spend your days at the office, or stay at home, moms are so much busier than they used to be. Folding laundry in between shuttling the kids here and there; cooking dinner while teaching the 2-year-old how to read; planning parties while training for a marathon. These days moms seem to want to do it all. But accomplishing everything on your to-do list isn't going to happen if you don't find time to de-stress.

Moms need to get away every now and then, but sometimes that just isn't possible. Here are some ways to relax even amidst all the little ones.

Don't answer your phone for an entire day

This can make some people really anxious. But I bet you can remember a time not long ago when you weren't with your phone 24/7. Turn it on silent, and put it away so you're not tempted to check it every so often. Focus on your kids. Make the day about them. They do notice when you're constantly distracted by your electronic BFF, and they will notice when you aren't.

Listen to your favorite audio book while you snuggle with your kids and watch cartoons together

I love watching TV with my kids. But I can only take so much of Daniel Tiger. Next time your little one begs you to watch with him, settle in on the couch, put the earbuds in, and get lost in your own fictional world.

Stay in bed all morning

Kids are not an excuse. One of the best and most relaxing mornings I've had is when I dropped my older kids off at school. My youngest and I would stay in our pajamas all morning, snuggle in Mommy's bed, and play games and watch a movie. Now he asks for it almost daily.

Read a story to your kids

One of my favorite memories is my dad telling me stories as a kid. He continues to be the best storyteller now to his grandkids. Telling or reading stories is not something I especially enjoy, so when my kids ask, I just remember how much I loved it as a kid. It really doesn't take much time. And once you get settled in with kids in each arm, you and your kids will feel calm, relaxed and happy.

Have your kids walk on your back

Of course, this one should probably only be done if your kids are still little enough. My kids love it almost as much as I do. They take turns walking up my legs to the top of my back, then jumping off. I get a little back massage and sometimes even a short nap.

Finding some "mommy-me" time is important when you're surrounded by little ones day in and day out. But including your kids in that time can be beneficial too. You will be better for it, your kids will be better for it and that's better than anything else you could accomplish any day.

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