Having a grandmother who graduated from college with a major in home economics has its perks. There's always an amazing meal on the table, the house is always spotless, and your clothes are never ruined. Nana always has a trick or tip to get those clothes as good as new. Here are a few laundry hacks my Nana has passed down to me. You'll be surprised at how these five household items will help you out in the laundry room.

1. Hairspray

Hairspray will remove ink from fabrics. Just because your little brother used your favorite jeans as a canvas during art time doesn't mean it's time to throw them away. Simply spray some hairspray on the ink and wipe it away. This trick works on both fresh and dried ink.

2. Dawn dish Soap

Out of stain remover? Run to the kitchen for some dish soap. As soon as you discover a stain on your machine washable fabric douse the area in Dawn dish soap. Be sure to rub the soap into the fibers of the fabric to get all of the stain covered. You can use an old toothbrush to make sure you cover it really good. When you wash your article of clothing in the washer, it will come out as good as new. This trick has worked for me on stains that were a couple of minutes old and stains I forgot about until the next laundry day.

3. Aluminum Foil

If you run out of expensive dryer sheets, use some aluminum foil. Simply take some aluminum foil and roll into a tight ball. Depending on the size of your load you may need more or less. Throw these in the dryer with your clothes and eliminate static electricity. Aluminum foil "dryer sheets" can be reused over and over too, saving you money if you're willing to give up your nice smelling dryer sheets.

*Bonus: If you are having a static hair day, run a dryer sheet through your hair to eliminate the static frizz.

4. Salad Spinner

Tired of waiting for that delicate, lacy dress to dry? Throw it in a salad spinner real quick to get most of the water out. This helps your delicates dry quicker but doesn't ruin them. Just make sure you hang them to dry so they will retain its shape and color.

5. Pepper

Adding a teaspoon of black pepper to your load of laundry will help keep colors from fading. Pepper will also keep your clothes from bleeding and staining each other.

The next time your pen leaks all over your shirt or you discover you're out of dryer sheets send my Nana a mental thank-you note.

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