We all want the best for our daughters. When they're born, we envision a whole life for them- dance lessons, education, driving, dating... Those early years of your daughter's life, she depends solely on us, her parents, and it's up to us to teach her and help her grow into the beautiful young woman you know she'll be.

It all starts with the little things. Whether you start teaching her in infancy or toddler age, these five scientifically proven methods will help you raise an intellectual daughter.

1. Read with her

Books are the greatest teaching tools in the world. When you read aloud with your daughter, her literacy skills will improve dramatically. Most importantly, it will help to build her confidence, recognition of stories and take them to worlds they've never been before. If anything, reading with her will be moments she will cherish forever.

2. Hug her

In a recent study done by Nationwide Children's Hospital found that cuddling and hugging your children from infancy and on greatly improves their brain development. Namely, the portion of the brain relative to touch. It helps them learn positive brain responses to experiencing affection. Even more than that, hugging your daughter can help counteract the negative experiences in her life, which is something we all need for the rest of our lives, not just as a baby. But it's definitely important to do with your daughter when she is an infant.

3. Let her play and have fun

Imagination is perhaps one of the most important parts of childhood. And though imagination has nothing to do with math and science, it allows the creative, right-side portion of the brain to grow. Letting your daughter play with her toys and friends allows her the freedom to enjoy her childhood. She can make things up, have an imaginary friend, and believe it all to be totally real for as long as she's little. Those moments where she's able to be herself allow her to really grow and become an intellectual woman.

4. Have a healthy diet

Healthy habits start with a little bit of effort. She's always going to want to eat that extra cookie after dinner and you'll probably give it to her. But instituting healthy habits at least 90% of the time is imperative to teaching your daughter how to eat healthy. It can dramatically affect the rest of her life. Eating healthy foods help build up calcium in the bones, omega 3s, and the rest of her immune system. Starting at an early age will develop healthy habits in her life that she'll carry with her for the rest of it.

5. Be an example

You are her mother. She looks up to you and learns from you. Crazy enough, she's watching you all the time, even when you think she isn't. She loves you and learns from you in everything that you do. As her mother, you must raise her by example. Be the woman you want her to be and she'll follow your lead. More than that, be there for her when she needs you. She'll always appreciate your advice, even when she doesn't really want it.

Your daughter is perhaps the most important person in your life. The very least you could do for her is to try and raise her to be a good, smart girl. It can start young, but really it's never too late to start raising an intellectual daughter.

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