As kids get older, their dreams and thoughts are about what they want to be when they grow up. They usually think about becoming a cop, firefighter, nurse, astronaut, football player, teacher, and so on. Then when they're a little older, it could be they want to be a doctor, own a business, or become President.

Kids look to you for leadership, inspiration, and motivation. And parents have a lot more influence over whether their children will achieve their dreams and success than they know. They mistakenly think their kids' dreams are not viable, and that's their pessimistic side showing. Parents always need to believe in their children because they surely have faith in themselves.

1. Consider your child's dreams a possibility

All children dream big, and their mom and dad did the same when they were young. As parents get older, it's harder for them to remember what their dreams were. So, they assume their children will also forget theirs. This is the wrong way to look at it. You need to identify with the kids and believe what they believe. Realize that kids' dreams are not about their mom and dad. To kids, anything and everything is a possibility, which is as it ought to be. Their dreams should never be denied or their chances to achieve them will be weakened.

2. Talk to your children

Kids are curious so help learn why a particular thing makes sense by talking through it. If they don't want to do a chore, see it through their eyes first. Then, respectfully, discuss with them why this duty is so important. Maybe one of them is too tired to clean their bedroom. Suggest that it would be good to rest for a while and clean their room after dinner. Then comment on how well they cleaned it by putting away all of their toys and straightening their desk. When you compliment them, go into detail. It makes them feel proud of what they did accomplish. By talking to the kids about how well they do their chores provides motivation for them. Instead of offering a reward for something they're supposed to do, surprise them with a trip to get ice cream after they've finished. This keeps them on their toes and motivates them to do a good job because they don't know when the next surprise will come.

3. Helping with their homework

Kids have a lot of homework these days and parents need to make it as easy as possible for them to complete their assignments. When the kids are younger, they'll need more help, and it should probably be done before dinner. When they get home from school, let them have a snack and send them outside for some free time. Most young children do their homework in the kitchen while dinner's being prepared. That way, mom is there if help is needed.

As the kids get older, let them find a quiet place and do the work on their own. But stay close by in case they have a problem. Then, check to make sure they've finished it all. Parents play a significant part in the teaching of their children and easing any homework stress is a bonus for the kids.

4. Make your kids proud of you

As parents, never forget to set a good example for the kids because they'll do, say, and act like their mom and dad. Children are proud of their parents, and they see their accomplishments as a typical way of life. If children are raised in a prosperous environment, they embrace this way of life in their future. That'll be their typical way of life. The opposite will apply if kids grow up in a poor and unsuccessful environment. This means that you are the source of the success of your children. Parents must do everything they can to ensure their child's success now and in the future.

5. Challenge your children

Create challenges or games to give the kids a chance to complete things in small ways. Or talk to them about any small goals or dreams they'd like to achieve sooner. Use this information as tools to teach them how to do it. When children realize they can complete small things, they'll know they can do the same with bigger dreams and goals. Attaining a goal is done through intensity, organization, determination, and motivation. By helping them reach their smaller goal, parents show that if their dream ever changes, their success will not.

Everyone has internal motivation including children. But they still need to be motivated by their parents. If mom and dad are on their side, there's no such word as "impossible." Always be there for them with an optimistic outlook and support as they grow into adults.

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