There are stories of actions that changed someone's history; stories of the smallest moments, and even smaller efforts, that made all the difference. We have the opportunity for great things, if we act on our inspiration. Here are five ways to be the difference to someone.

1. Be in tune

When we moved to our new home, we called a piano store to arrange for our piano to be moved. When it arrived the jostling and bumping of the truck had caused the strings to loosen, rendering it out of tune. It played a mournful sound. We soon had someone in to tune it. It didn't take much, just a few minutes, but it made all the difference. Listen to the promptings of your loving Father in Heaven. We are all jostled and bumped about in life. Sometimes we need a little help tuning our hearts back to our loving God. He sees everyone's need and uses you to fill that need. You have the opportunity to bring a joyful tune to someone else. When you feel the inspiration to help, to encourage, or even just smile, do it. You don't know the difference you could make to someone in need.

2. Be uncomfortable

No one loves to be uncomfortable; we love to live in our perfect bubbles filled with the air of innocence. Real need sometimes requires us to get out of our comfort zone. We all love the phrase, "If you need anything, just let me know!" Most of the time we can see the need. A young mother needs a nap, a break, a hot meal. An older woman needs company, conversation, or help running a vacuum around. A woman who has been on her feet at work for 10 hours needs a smile, understanding and encouragement. Step out of yourself and do something, say something. Don't put it on them to ask, be there to do.

3. Be kind

When we are at our worst, sometimes we let it show. Be kind when someone else is not. We can't see behind their emotion and into the abyss they are currently in. We have the opportunity to give them a hand and not react negatively. So the next time someone cuts you off on the freeway, slow down and smile. Even if you don't change them, it will change you.

4. Be available

"I don't have time." Is the most frequent lie we tell ourselves. If we need to see the doctor, we make time. If we need to get our kids to their different activities, we make it happen. If we put this kind of priority on the needs of others, imagine the difference we could make. Schedule it on your calendar, add it to your list. Pray for guidance from your willing Father in Heaven, he knows the need and could use your help.

5. Be aware

You are already making a world of difference to someone. Be aware of not only the need around you, but what you are already doing to help others. By realizing what you are already doing, you have the opportunity to apply that effort in other places or other ways. Learn from the response to your service. See how they react and fine tune your effort.

Use these steps to be the answer to someone's prayer. And watch how it changes you and the world.

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