It's the time of year, again, in which we have a year's worth of to-do's to tackle in a short month's time. We've all heard ways to combat stress during the holiday season. But this year, I thought I would walk you through a guaranteed holiday meltdown. If you will just follow these five simple principles, making sure not to deviate, you, too, can change your tune from, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" to "It's the most stressful time of the year."

1. Aim for perfection

From decorating the Christmas tree, to holiday dinners to the various holiday parties, you need to make sure perfection is the goal. Anything less than perfection would be a sure fire way to help you relax and enjoy yourself a bit more. So make your lists and check them twice, maybe three or four times. Then get going and don't stop. There's just no time when you've got perfection on your side.

2. Say "yes" to everything and whatever you do, DO NOT prioritize your time

This principle works best if you can squeeze two parties into your day following a long day of Christmas shopping at the malls. Whatever you do, do not make time for self-care. No relaxing baths, no time spent on the couch in your pajamas indulging in a favorite holiday story, and absolutely no thought can be given to what you want to do this holiday season.

3. Spend, spend, spend

. We all know that the spirit of Christmas comes in a square plastic card swiped wildly at various retailers. You have gifts to buy and people to make happy. You cannot believe the old saying that money doesn't buy happiness. It does. So get out there and blow your savings. Get yourself into a debt you can joyfully be reaping the benefits of months into the new year.

4. Focus on everything you don't have

. If there is a time of year to look inward and really focus on what you don't have, this is it. Don't look for ways to serve those around you, don't give to those less fortunate than you and make sure you find those around you that seem to have more and compare yourself to them. This will certainly be a nice addition to your holiday meltdown.

5. Ignore any difficult feelings that come up this time of year

. If you have lost a loved one, or find family times to be challenging, ignore it. Press through. Don't talk to anyone or honor your emotions. Remember the second principle: Don't take time out for you. Remember the "shoulds" and how you should be feeling instead of being present with how you feel and knowing it too shall pass.

I hope this holiday meltdown guide has been helpful. All guarantees and claims are valid only IF this guide is followed precisely. Wishing you and your loved ones a stressful holiday filled with many meltdowns.

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