I was always known as the 'pretty calm one' in my family. Not a lot got me worked up, angry or stressed. But when I became a mom and certain unexpected personality traits came out, and people were ... surprised. Especially my family. Having kids brings out different sides of you, sides you may not have known you even had!

Here are six crazy personalities I inherited when I became a mom:

1. The Grizzly Bear

We've all heard how the mama bear tends to come out in us when we become parents. We are protective of our children and any time someone insults, questions, or speaks negatively about them, we attack. This grizzly bear analogy is very true for me. I cannot stand the thought of someone hurting my child, you can bet I will let that individual know exactly how I feel if they do hurt my child. For someone who grew up as a very non-confrontational person, this was a big change for me.

2. The Cry Baby

Having kids can make moms more sensitive to movies, stories, commercials or even internet memes. It seems like almost anything can play on our parental emotions. I used to roll my eyes at people who got misty during Hallmark commercials, but I now find myself joining the ranks of those weepy parents. To my surprise, I cry easily during anything that involves kids or families-something I never thought I'd do.

3. The Careful Cop

As parents we tend to hold our breath as our children take their first wobbly step, go across the monkey bars by themselves, or take a tumble on the soccer field. Do we run to their rescue or let them get up and shake it off? The Careful Cop personality makes it hard for me to not scream "careful!" every time my children do something that puts their safety in jeopardy...Which I think is basically anything that does not involve them standing in one spot with no one around them.

4. The Enforcer

Becoming a mother means juggling a few more tasks than you may be used to. Not only do you need to lay down the rules for your children, but you also need to enforce them. You need to make sure your kids are behaving and correct them when they are not. I always thought it would be hard to enforce rules with my kids, but I quickly learned that as a parent, it is my responsibility to teach and train them right. To my surprise, I have now become someone who enforces the rules rather than breaks them.

5. The Teacher

It seems like every minute can turn into a teaching moment with your kids. How to put on a pair of shoes, eat with a fork, ride a bike, saying 'thank you' and 'sorry'...The list goes on and on. Add on the fact that you often teach through your example, and the teaching never stops. Children are observant little people, and want to imitate what they see. Nearly every move you make is a way to teach either a good or bad habit. When I became a mom, I knew I would need to teach my kids some things, but I never realized how often I would the teacher.

6. The Tender Heart

Your own children have a way of finding your soft spot. In an instant, the looks they give, the words they use, or the way they give you a hug can really change how you are feeling. Even when you are upset with your kids, then minute they look at you with big eyes utter the sweetest apology, your anger melts away and you give into their cuteness.This happens all too often in our house;my kids have really melted my stubbornness away.

No matter how many personalities you develop as a parent, one thing is for certain; your children do change you. You do and say things you never thought you would and you react in ways you never knew you could. Sometimes the changes aren't that great, but for the most part they make you a better person...and a better mom.

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