Every year around Halloween, your social media feed is flooded with cute costume ideas other moms you know have come up with. You think to yourself, “Wow, why didn’t I come up with that,” or “I am definitely putting more thought into my costume next year,” but let’s face it, between the stress of trying to find the perfect costumes for your kids, by the time you start thinking about yourself, you wish for Halloween to be over with. But this year will be different, oh yes. See, this year, you have easy access to some of the greatest costume ideas for moms that are going to be inexpensive, creative, minimal in effort, and last but certainly not least, comfortable! That’s right, you’re going to be the mom that other moms wished they had copied.

Here are seven of the greatest costume ideas for moms.

Smarty Pants Costume.

Never give up the opportunity to make matters a little… punny. This costume is super easy to create, and the basis of it would be like your typical nerd outfit. The big square glasses, pigtails, overalls. The plot or pun in this costume comes with creating the pants. Take an old pair of jeans and use double-sided-glue to attach smarties candies all over the pants. Minimal effort, especially if you’re in need of a last-minute costume that takes minutes to pull together.


Think of yourself in the middle of the night, running off of zero sleep with a newborn baby who is inconsolable. Think of yourself at 7am with a full to-do list for the day, kids running all over the place, and you just realized you have zero coffee in the cabinet. Or, if you’re like me, simply roll out of bed. The mombie is the perfect representation of what you sometimes get being a mom. Messy hair, yesterday’s pajamas, and shoes that don’t match. Feel free to go crazy with this idea and really make it your own.

Rosie the Riveter

What better representation of mom power than Rosie the Riveter? I’ll wait…

Take an old plaid or jean button-down shirt, roll up the sleeves and pair them with some jeans and work boots. Then, tie your hair back and take a red bandanna to tie around your head like a headband. Finish the look with some bright red lipstick, and make sure to flex those muscles for the photo op!

Pig in a Blanket

This costume idea is super cute and very easy to assemble. Just take some costume pig ears and nose (if you can’t find a pig nose, painting one on with pink makeup works). Create a pink ensemble from head to toe, grab an old blanket to carry around, and et voila!

‘Day of the Dead’ Skeleton

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to achieve this look, but it will require some face-painting skills. Don’t worry, there is plenty of easy day of the dead make up tutorials on YouTube. Find one that you like best, and pair your deadly looking face with just about any outfit you have in your closet. The finishing touch is adding a flower such as a rose to your hair.

Audrey Hepburn

Is Halloween the only day of the year you feel like you put the most effort into getting yourself dressed? You are not alone. Have a little black dress in your closet that has been collecting dust because there’s a zero chance you’ll ever wear it out? Me too! Although pulling it out to go trick-or-treating with your kids may not be ideal, you can still feel chic as ever by using it to create a classic old Hollywood look of the fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. Pair it with a cheap tiara, some long black satin gloves, pearls, and I give you Breakfast at Tiffany’s…… in October!

Gumball Machine

This is a cute mom costume, especially for expecting moms. Take a white t-shirt and hot glue a bunch of colorful pom poms to the bottom half of the shirt, completely covering your baby bump. Pair the shirt with some red pants, make a 25-cent coin cut out to carry around, and you’ve got a super sweet costume that your bundle of joy gets to be apart of.

Whether you’ve been scrolling for months trying to find costume ideas, are viewing this article the night before Halloween, or heck, even a couple of hours before heading out with your family to trick-or-treat, you too can be excited about having a great costume. Your kids shouldn’t be the only ones that get to experience all of the Halloween fun, and as much energy you have probably already spent trying to help them pick costumes, you deserve a cool one of your own.

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