Every woman still needs her mom. Whether she's out on her own for the first time or has settled into her own life with a spouse and kids, she still might find herself reaching for the phone to call her mother.

Here are seven things every adult woman still needs from her mom:

1. Your secret to cleaning the toughest stains

Raising kids gives you lots of experiences in cleaning even the worst stains. You've seen it all, from grass-stained pants to mustard on shirts. And you know the secrets to removing it all. So when your daughter's kids accidentally spill their grape juice on the carpet (even though she's told them to keep their food in the kitchen countless times), you're the first person she calls.

2. Little notes of encouragement

She needs to hear your encouragement every day. She needs you to tell her she's a great mom, that everything doesn't have to be perfect and that you're proud of her. Leave a note of encouragement for her to find or remind her how great she's doing during your next visit.

3. That recipe she loved as a kid

She loves trying new recipes from Pinterest, but nothing beats a meal that takes her back to her childhood days. Don't be surprised if your daughter calls you every so often to ask for that family-favorite recipe.

4. Parenting advice

You raised her, so you're the first person she goes to when she needs advice about anything parenting-related from fun children's activities to the best discipline tactics. It doesn't matter if she's a new mom or already has three kids; every mom still needs her mom.

5. A listening ear

There are some things only moms can understand. Your adult daughter needs your listening ear to complain about a rough day, share exciting news or just talk.

6. A girl's day out

She needs some time away from everything: her job, kids and just reality in general. Go out for ice cream together and catch up. Or if she's too beat to go out, stay in and paint your nails while watching a movie. Even though she's an adult, she still desperately wants some mother-daughter bonding time.

7. A hug

A hug from you brightens her rough days and makes her great days even better. Show your daughter how much you care with a reassuring hug.

A beautiful mother-daughter relationship is a wonderful thing because you can always count on each other for love and support. If you feel your relationship needs work, it's not too late to reach out. Call her, stop by for a visit and talk to a therapist if necessary. Your daughter still needs you in her life, no matter her age.

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