The bond between a father and daughter is a special one that is almost impossible to break. Daughters look to their dads for leadership, guidance, acceptance and love. Fathers can have a huge impact on a little girl's character and who she becomes.

These are 7 things that daughters need from their dads, and how you can give them to her.

1. Love

Your daughter desperately needs unconditional love. She needs to know that when her heart breaks or when she doesn't make the best choice, she can come to you and you will love her no matter what. Your loving words and actions will let her know you will love her always - no matter what.

2. Acceptance

Your daughter wants you to be proud of her and accept her for who she is. She looks up to you in so many different ways. She wants your acceptance, so give it to her willingly. Go to her dance recitals, even though they may be super long and boring. Coach her softball team after work if you can. She'll be so grateful that her dad came to support her and that you are proud of her.

3. Advice

Your daughter values your opinion. Help her with small decisions, like what tutu to wear while she plays dress up, and help her with big decisions, like where to attend college. She will take your advice to heart and it will show her you care. I can't count how many times my dad gave me awesome advice that helped me through difficult times. A father's advice is something your daughter will cherish.

4. Help her

I spent hundreds of hours staying up late with my dad as he helped me with my math homework in elementary, junior high and high school. He wouldn't let me go to bed until he was totally sure I understood every concept. When your daughter asks for help, she will feel valued and loved when you take time out of your day to help her.

5. Understanding

Little girls have a tendency to throw tantrums when no one seems to understand what's going on in their little heads. Daughters need someone to understand what's going on, and a father is perfect for this job.

6. Tough love

As much as your daughter will protest, she needs tough love. If you don't think something will be good for her, let her know. Give her rules and guidelines to follow as she's growing up. She'll probably throw a fit at the time, but she'll thank you later.

7. An example

The most important thing you can give your daughter as a father is an example of what she should look for in a husband. I never had a doubt in my mind that my dad loved my mom. He shows me that he loves her every day through the things he does for her. This shaped what I wanted to find in a husband, and I am now married to an incredible man who is similar to my dad in a lot of ways.

To the single moms, you can provide these things for your daughters as well. It can be hard raising a child as a single parent and your hard work is extremely admirable. However, daughters whose fathers aren't around or involved need examples of good men in their lives. These men can be step-dads, teachers, coaches or church leaders. Having a good male example can help your daughter know what to look for in a future husband and father to her own children.

Providing these things for your daughter will give her what you've wanted for her since she was born: a happy life, a happy marriage and the tools she needs to be successful in the world.

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