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There is nothing worse than having a house full of kids and nothing to do, especially when you’re stuck inside. When this happens, a single hour can feel like an entire week. Before you all snap from boredom, try out these unique activities. They will help get your creative juices flowing and your bodies moving as a family.

Create a game show.

Tired of playing the same games over and over? Then make a new one up! Kids will love getting to try out something they haven't done before, and you can get creative to develop one that surrounds their taste. A game show type event would be easy to develop and fun for everyone. For example, if your child is really into music you could set up a game show where they have to guess the tune that is playing. The children can "buzz in" by slapping a cooking utensil on a pot. Anyone that guesses wrong has to eat a sour gummy. If your child really likes dinosaurs, you could create a similar game show but they have to guess the type of dino. Get creative with what you incorporate.

Learn to dance.

Get your kids moving even when they are stuck inside. You can go on YouTube and find popular dances with step-by-step instructions, or if your child is old enough find one on TikTok. You don't have to worry if you are a good dancer or not as long as everyone in the family is having fun. Help your kids learn the tough parts and giggle when it's a bit too hard for everyone. They'll love that you put in the effort to try.

Bake a new treat.

Days when you are stuck inside are perfect for getting creative in the kitchen. Instead of making the same cupcakes out of a box test your skills as a family, and try to make something from scratch you never have before. For example, have you ever tried making rice crispy treats but with Fruit Loops? You could even create a "make-your-own" dessert bar by putting out toppings like frosting, sprinkles, or M&Ms for the dessert you all created together. See which toppings your kids are drawn too.

Bring the outdoors inside.

Remember how much fun it was to create a blanket fort growing up as a kid? It's still something kids love to do today. Create an indoor camping experience by constructing a fort or even bringing small pop-up tents inside. You can make s’mores treats and read bedtime stories around a printed our campfire. Let your kids sleep in their new abodes overnight. You will love not having to deal with the mosquitos or mud.

Try a science experiment.

Want to do something more educational? You can do a ton of at-home science experiments with very little prep and set-up, often with items you can just grab from around the house. For example, if you sit a "cloud" of shaving cream on top of a jar of water, then add in drops of blue food-colored water one-at-a-time into the mixture, the "cloud" will become saturated and you will get "blue rain" inside the jar. It's a great way to teach about the water cycle. Who also hasn't loved the old Mentos and soda trick as well? Though it might be better to try that activity in your backyard.

Plan a scavenger hunt.

You don't have to wait until Easter to do a good old fashioned treasure hunt. Get a bunch of kid-friendly items from the dollar store and hide them all over the house. When you say go, your children have to run around with baskets and try to find the different gifts hidden throughout the home. After, the kids can see what goodies they got and share and trade with each other. For hours after they will enjoy the new treasure they found. Don't forget to write down where you hid everything just encase.

Create a dress-up box.

If you also want to be productive on your days inside, think about how you could make some chores you do as a family into a game. For example, cleaning out your kid's old clothes can be a bit of a hassle. Make it a more exciting task by putting old clothes in a pile that your kids can play "dress up" with. Hold competitions in the family. Who can create the wackiest outfit? Who can put together the best costume? This will help you get your children involved in the cleaning process.

Go bowling.

You don't have to spend $100 to go bowling as a family - you can create an ally in your own home! In an open space in your house or in the garage set up soda cans in different formations. Take painters tape to create an "ally" down the hall. Then take whatever balls you have lying around and see how many cans you each can knock over. Keep moving the cans around to make it harder with each passing round. Your children will be pros in no time.

Sometimes, being stuck inside with the family for even one day can feel like a whole week. When we don’t have activities to keep us entertained, we are quick to get on each other’s nerves. These activities will help your children get the pent up energy they have out while putting a big smile on your face, too.

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