A deadbeat dad may be easy to spot - neglecting his child, his wife and the household needs. But when it comes to fatherhood, how do you separate the good from the great? Here are eight ways to tell if your hubby deserves "Father of the Year."

1. Complete provider

He provides everything his children need, from financial support to domestic care. If he's a stay-at-home dad, he shows appreciation for the working mom. If he's the breadwinner, he shows appreciation for the homemaking mom and helps with domestic and diaper duties.

2. Emotionally available

A great dad is open with his feelings toward his children, his spouse and his friends. Believe it or not, when a man has a real, emotional bond with his guy pals and can talk about family related issues openly and honestly out of the house, it benefits his ability to be open in the home.

3. Emotionally connected

Being away from his child hurts a great dad. And seeing his child in pain hurts him as well. He feels intense empathy, and so understands his child deeply.

4. Emotionally supportive

A great dad is compassionate and understands his child's feelings and experiences. He supports his child's emotional, psychological and physical well-being as well as academic and extracurricular achievements.

5. Open communication

He communicates openly and effectively about his feelings, and he listens intently and eagerly to his child's feelings. A great dad uses restraint even when upset and refrains from yelling, threatening and physical punishment. Fair and structured discipline meant to guide and teach is the correcting tactic of choice.

6. Successfully invested

A great father is invested in his child's success. Her success is his success. Not to say her falling short is always evidence of his shortcomings, but he feels it is his responsibility to ensure his child is happy and successful, growing into a happy and successful adult.

7. Actively engaged

He is interested in what's going on in his child's life. He plays an active role, participating in varied activities with his child.

8. Lead by example

A great dad models healthy behavior and thought patterns (self-talk) for his child. Ideally, he lives life with an air of positivity and faith in ultimate good. He shies away from excessive complaining and judgment and maintains a constructive attitude, only engaging in conflict to create a solution. A great father works hard for what he achieves. He abides by the law and is kind and compassionate to others, even when others are not kind and compassionate to him. He asserts himself, asks for what he wants out of life and works toward it. He acknowledges his skills, talents and achievements, and he congratulates the success of others.

A great father can come in many forms. Whether you have a Mr. Mom at home or a hubby who brings home the bacon, your home and family will be blessed to have such an asset on hand to help raise your precious offspring. Thank the man in your life every day for being amazing and making your home complete.

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