Becoming a mother comes with more emotions than you ever knew you could feel. And sometimes all those newfound emotions can be a bit overwhelming.

So as you embark on the precious journey of motherhood, keep these important things in mind:

1. It's OK to feel overwhelmed

It's normal. You're normal. Remember to breathe, and to focus on what's important.

2. You will feel scared

You'll wonder sometimes if you can do this. And sometimes it may feel like you can't. But you can. And you can be amazing.

3. You are so needed, and you are so loved

This new, sweet little human counts on you for everything. You are who they know. You are who they trust. And you are who they want to comfort them. You are so needed, and you are so adored.

4. Don't let social media tell you what your life should look like

No one's life is always picture-perfect. Comparing yourself to others is unhealthy; so stop it. Try hard to implement a more grateful attitude in your life. Doing so will lead to a genuinely happier you.

Also, be happy for others; don't feel like you need to compete with them.

5. You have help

If you need help, ask for it. You may feel like you have to do it all alone, but you don't. People need help sometimes. Moms need help sometimes. And there's nothing wrong with that. Admitting it is actually quite admirable.

6. This will go by fast

Everyone says it, and sometimes you won't actually believe it.

But other times you'll sit and cry for hours at photos of what seemed like yesterday and wonder where time goes; and you'll realize just how right those people are.

7. It's OK to need a minute for yourself

It's no secret that when you become a mother, you give almost all you have to someone who needs you. And sometimes, that's easy - remember those overwhelming emotions mentioned above? Overwhelming love is one of those, and helps you live such a selfless life for your family.

But sometimes it's hard (lots of times it's hard). So you'll need to take time to breathe, relax and do some things for yourself occasionally. Don't feel guilty for taking care of yourself.

8. You can be better

You'll make mistakes. But you can also learn from them, and you can be better.

9. God loves you

This new little person is one of the most beautiful gifts you can ever receive in this world. And he trusted you to care for them. Remember that.

Take a deep breath, and remember how strong you really are. Becoming a mother is a beautiful journey.

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