Prayer is a powerful tool we can use in our marriages to call down the powers of heaven and bless our relationships. When you pray, you invite God into your marriage and ask for blessings that can help you and your spouse grow closer to one another as you both grow closer to God.

Every marriage can be strengthened through prayer. If you desire to fortify your marriage against life's difficulties, here are 9 prayers your marriage needs.

Prayer of peace

If you want less contention in your marriage, begin by praying for peace. God is the author of peace, and He desires to infuse your marriage with that peace. As you pray from your heart, you will recognize contention is no longer a concern.

Prayer of love

Let's face it-marriage is hard sometimes and there will be days when you do not feel love for your spouse. If you choose to pray for love, you will have the strength to love him or her anyway. If you pray to love one another every day, then, when those bad days come, you'll be on higher ground and those bad days will become less frequent.

Prayer of understanding

Men and women are different, so you and your partner are not always going to see eye to eye in your marriage. Understanding one another is critical. If you pray for understanding, you may not fully agree, but at least you will understand where your spouse is coming from. This gives you valuable insight that allows you to see conflicts from a place of compassion.

Prayer of forgiveness

Praying for forgiveness is essential because it helps us to remain humble. When we can admit our mistakes and recognize our part in a conflict, we are in a place where we can move forward, become better than we are and strengthen our relationship.

Prayer of unity

When a husband and wife are unified, they can face great challenges together and come out victorious. Whether those challenges are children, a lost job or the in-laws, unity will make your marriage stronger. There is power in unity. One of the wonderful things about marriage is you never have to stand alone.

Prayer of strength

When difficulties arise, we might find ourselves worn out and exhausted from the fight. Praying for strength can give us the help we need. This prayer allows us to call upon God's strength rather than to purely rely upon our own. It gives us the ability to endure hard things without shrinking from the battle.

Prayer of protection

God values marriage, and, because of this, Satan desires to destroy it. He revels in pitting husband against wife and watching marriages implode. Be aware of his tactics and don't let him even enter the fight. Pray for your marriage to be protected from forces that can destroy it and be vigilant in treasuring your marriage relationship.

Prayer of goodness

Pray God will infuse your marriage with goodness. Pray He will help you to see the good in yourself, your spouse and your marriage. Pray good things will come to you and you will have the opportunity to go about doing good for others. When your marriage is full of goodness, your heart will be filled with goodness too.

Prayer of gratitude

Show gratitude to God for your marriage and family. Show gratitude for your spouse and the good things he or she brings into your life. Thank God for your home, your life and your opportunities. Gratitude is one of the greatest things we can express to God because it gives honor to Him for the things He has given us. Our marriage and our love for our spouse will flourish when we learn to be thankful for what we have.

The power of these 9 prayers will elevate your relationship with your spouse and give you the help you need to live a long happy marriage. Praying in and of itself will change your life, but praying as a couple will change your marriage. When you pray together as a couple, you will recognize God's hand in your marriage and see the beauty of the relationship He is helping you to create.

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