This is a game I've had in my arsenal for decades and little kids absolutely love it. Every time I babysit, the kids beg me to play.

It's easy.

  1. Grab a piece of printer paper and draw 12 circles on it (4 x 3 grid).

  2. If kids are old enough to draw, let them make funny faces on the circles. They love creating their own characters and this is a great way to teach about taking turns.

  3. Once you have all 12 faces drawn, place a small snack on each face.

  4. Snack ideas: Cheerios, raisins, M&Ms, and the like. Make them small enough and soft enough that no choking occurs.

  5. Have one child leave the room.

  6. The remaining children choose one of the faces to be "Pete."

  7. Call the child back in.

  8. One by one, the child slowly picks up each snack until he picks up the one on "Pete."

  9. When they pick up "Pete," the other children will yell (and they LOVE this part), "Don't eat Pete!"

  10. The child stops eating (if you're lucky) and his turn is over.

  11. Replenish the board with snacks.

  12. The next child takes his turn by leaving the room and returning to eat until he finds the new "Pete."

This little game teaches some good kid lessons:

Create your own fun

By allowing them to draw their own faces, the kids learn to express themselves. This can also give you a little insight into their current mood. I let the kids draw new boards every time we play.

Taking turns

You can roll a die, go from youngest to oldest, or do, "Eenie, meenie, minie, mo." Whatever you choose, this allows children to learn to take turns and that they have to be patient and allow others to have their turn, too.

Obey the rules

The rule is, the child must stop before he eats "Pete." You can remind the players that if they don't follow the rules, they might lose a turn next time.

Pay attention to facial expressions

Some kids jump right in and start shoving the snacks into their little faces. Others take the time to examine the groups' facial expressions as their hands hover over the various "Petes." It's fun to watch and see what sensibility your child has.

You don't need a lot of fancy games

This game costs pennies to play and teaches your children that they can have electronic free fun using their own creativity.

This game is so easy and so much fun. Try it with your little ones today!

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