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Al Roker recently opened up about what it has been like to parent his grown children. Roker has three children: two of them he shares with his wife Deborah Roberts and the oldest child he shares with his first wife, Alice Bell. As Roker's children have grown and moved out, he says that it is even more special when they are all together. “The best gift is when they’re all together, especially as they get older. It’s harder to have everybody under one roof on Father’s Day. So, whenever they’re together, that’s my Father’s Day,” said the weatherman.

Roker explained that the worry for his children doesn't lessen when they get older, it gets worse. “I think it becomes even more anxiety-ridden, because when they’re smaller, they are under your roof and you can take care of them and try to protect them as best as you can,” explained Roker. “But as they go out and venture out into the world, you have less control over that. But your love and your worry for them doesn’t lessen. It probably only increases.” He emphasized the importance of his children learning from their mistakes saying, “If it has something to do with physical harm or danger, then you’ve got to step in; otherwise, that’s the only way they learn, is by failure. And I’m not talking (about) anything that threatens their safety or their mental wellbeing. But, on the other hand, they need to, if they didn’t study, fail a test or if they didn’t practice their instrument, they need to be chided by the teacher — that’s part of growing up.”

Roker recently became a grandfather after his daughter Courtney welcomed baby girl, Sky Clara Laga. He shared what he would like little Sky to call him, saying “My dad was Pop-Pop to all of his grandchildren, so I want to keep the tradition going. The little one may have other ideas, but that’s the one I’m pushing.”

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