Do you ever wish you were one of the "cool moms?"

"Laughing Moms" has created another parody that proves we are all cool moms. This mom version of Echosmith's "Cool Kids" shows how moms sometimes envy each other's seemingly perfect - or cool - ways.

From the way moms dress and exercise to how they parent and keep things clean, we tend to peer at other moms through the obstructed view of the fence. The "grass is always greener syndrome" doesn't allow us to see the dry, brown patches of grass in other moms' lives, but often the moms we think have it all together are looking at us with the same thoughts.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. It's not fair to us or to those we compare ourselves to. A message at the end of the video declares, "Let's stop comparing ourselves to those around us and appreciate how amazing it is to be a mom. You are the whole world to your children, and we can't think of anything cooler than that."

Motherhood is not easy, but there is no other job in the world that compares. As we work to be the best we can - not the best someone else can - we accomplish amazing things.

So, go out and be your own kind of cool. Embrace your own strengths and improve your weaknesses. Stop worrying about what other moms are doing. You are the best mom for your kids. Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, you do the best you can, and that is what makes you a "cool mom."

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