"Are you there God?" It is a question that many people ask at some time in their life, when they are looking for answers or want to know that they are not alone. Some people spend their whole lives searching for God, some never find him. And then there are those who believe in God whole heartedly, devoting their entire lives to his service. How is it that these people know so undeniably that God is real, and how can others know this for themselves? Here are five ways to know God is real.

Ask him

The best way to know if God is there is to ask him for yourself. He has promised that anyone who asks with a sincere heart will receive an answer. God is real and he wants to speak to his children. If you start the conversation, you can be certain that God will join in. When God answers you, not only will you know that God exists, but you will know that he knows you personally and answers your prayers. You will gain an understanding of the importance and value of prayer and create a lasting relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Open your heart

It is important when you are looking for God that you have an open heart. God speaks to the mind and heart. His words may come into your mind or his answer may be more of a feeling that pierces your heart. There are things that go beyond the knowledge of what is seen and heard and can only be felt with your heart. Love is an example of this. It cannot be seen or touched, but it is felt with the heart and that is how you know it is there. It is in your heart that you will find God as well. This is where God speaks to his children, and to find him, you must be open to the unseen, to what speaks to your heart.

Learn of him

It goes without saying that if you want to know more about important people from history, you learn about them by studying their lives and teachings. Although we do not have records of God's life here on Earth, we do have historical records and documents of the life of his son Jesus Christ, as well as the records of many religious people who have devoted their life to him. We can learn more about God by learning about the people who follow him. The more understanding we have of God, the closer we will come to knowing him.

Spend time in nature

God is the creator of the world and there is no greater evidence of his existence than there is in nature. Take the time to ponder the intricacies of the life cycle, the beauty of the trees and flowers, and the vastness of the ocean made up of single drops of water. Admire the uniqueness of the animals, the colors of spring and autumn or the delicacies of a solitary snowflake. They were not just thrown together, there is a Heavenly designer who took the time and effort to create the splendor of each one. It is in admiring his creations that you can truly feel God's presence.


God often speaks to us in remarkable ways, but over time, we forget about those experiences and go back to our ordinary lives. In forgetting, we allow doubt and the cares of the world to pull us further away from God until we are once again in a state of unbelieving. If we want to know God is real and want him to walk with us in our lives, we must take the time to walk with him. We must make a continual effort to write down those moments of heavenly communication so that we can remember them the next time the world tries to get in the way. We must strive each day to keep the lines of communication open with God so he will continue to remind us of his presence by speaking to our mind and heart and bringing us feelings of peace.

God is there. He is real and he is waiting for you to open the lines of communication. He loves you very much, for he is your father and you are his child. Take the time to ask him if he is there. Open your heart to him, learn of him, spend time in nature, and above all, remember him. If you do, you will know without a doubt that he is there and that his love for you is immeasurable.

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