His very public "family blooper" made every work-from-home parent around the world laugh (and cringe) with empathy as they felt the pain of Professor Robert Kelly during his interview with BBC about the political state of the Korean Peninsula.

(If you haven't seen the viral video by now, take a look here.)

Now, days after the adorably amusing moment, Kelly appeared again on BBC World News but this time to explain what was really happening in the interview-crashing incident.

Who was the woman?

Most people thought the woman who skidded frantically in the room was a nanny. However, she is Kelly's wife, Jung-a Kim. Any Korean speakers out there would have picked up on this because as Jung-a pulled their daughter, Marion, out of the room, she asked, "Why Mom?" in Korean.

When the interviewer asked Jung-a how she has been handling the attention she simply laughed and said, "It's a little bit stressful... but we are fine... We just laughed, we laughed a lot."

How did the kids get in?

This wasn't the first time Kelly has done an interview with the BBC. Usually, Robert locks the door to his office during the interview and Jung-a records it on the TV in the living room.

However, any parent of toddlers knows that those kiddos are like tornadoes when they want to be. The Kelly kids are no different. While watching the interview in the living room, the kids slipped away. The television lagged 20-seconds behind real time, so Jung-a rushed in to try and save the interview as soon as she saw the kids on screen.

Why did dad try to push his daughter out of the way?

Kelly said the home office has toys and books for the kids, so he was trying to distract her, hoping BBC would cut away. The kids are used to playing around their working parents because Robert and Jung-a "want them to feel that their parents are accessible."

Was he wearing pants?

"Yes, I was wearing pants. I chose not to stand, because I was trying to salvage the interview," Kelly said on his website.

The social media frenzy

Within days of being released, the video made social media go crazy with hundreds of tweets, 87 million views on Facebook, and GIFs being made left and right. Kelly was at first super apprehensive about the consequences of the video, saying, "We were worried that BBC would never call us again."

But in a recent press conference, Kelly said he and his wife "are happy that our family blooper, our family error there on television brought so much laughter to so many people."

And it definitely brought laughter to a lot of people

Jimmy Fallon jumped in on the joke.

And Star Wars lovers had to do their version.

People want to steal Marion Kelly's now iconic fashion like she stole the show.

And people are finding inspiration from their "hippity-hoppity," care-free attitudes.

So, what's next for the BBC dad and his family?

They say they are just a normal family trying to get back to a normal family life. "It's been pretty unreal. We didn't really expect any kind of attention like this at all. We certainly never had anything like this in our life before," said Kelly.

The best part of this situation is Dr. Kelly and Jung-a Kim are totally handling this massive situation like champs. Kelly said, "I mean, it was terribly cute. I saw the video like everybody else. My wife did a great job cleaning up a really unanticipated situation as best she possibly could ... It was funny. If you watch the tape I was sort of struggling to keep my own laughs down. They're little kids and that's how things are."

And when social media suggested that Kelly get his wife a spa day? He agreed: "That's certainly true, my wife deserves a medal for taking care of us and for taking care of our family."

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