Sometimes you just need you some serious doses of adorable in your day. These 17 pictures are the best way to melt your heart in record time.

Those cheeks!

Nap time friends

A basket of cuteness

What are you watching?

Captivated. #TheChildren #BabiesAndPuppies #VSCO #VSCOCam

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Could this get cuter?!

Old fashioned show down

Free wagon rides

Someone's in my bed

Best buds!?

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Teddy bear snuggles

Tummy time

Puppy dog sandwich

I just can't get over these sweet faces ☺️

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No couch? No problem


What do you mean, nap time?

I love being her mum ? Happy Mothers Day!! #aivabratty #mothersday #babiesandpuppies @beau.bebe #amelialeebrandrepsearch

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Grumpy kisses

Awwwww ...

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