Snow is cold. That's a fact. But it is also fun! Here are some fun and exciting ways to enjoy the fluffy white stuff.

Snowman village

Instead of one jolly snowman, why not build a village? Smaller snow people are easier for smaller children to build and work for a limited amount of snow. Make your snowmen only a few inches tall, create roads and even small houses for them.

Snow sculptures

This is a fun activity for the entire family. Shovel the snow into a large pile, allow your children to help pat and squish the pile together until it is semi solid. Then, using small gardening tools, carve your sculpture into something amazing. You can use food coloring to add a little pizzazz to your creations.

Snow Fort

Use small plastic containers and garbage cans to pack snow into blocks. Use snow to fill in cracks. Be careful not to make it taller than your child or in a configuration that could injure your child if it fell. Use blocks to create a wall, chairs, tables and other creative items like a snow car or train.


We love this one for afternoons with energetic kids. Attach a rope to the front of any type of sled. Have the kids line up in the backyard or at a park. Then have the driver mount the sled, and the "dog" grab the rope. Yell "mush!" to start the race. Try adding cones or sticks to create a challenging obstacle course.

Inside snow

Bring snow inside in a plastic tub or bucket. Place it inside the tub or on a plastic tarp or shower curtain on the floor. Allow small children to feel it and play with it until it melts. Spark kid's imaginations by adding measuring cups, pie plates and kitchen items for snow pies and other fun creations.

Snow science

Teach children that snowflakes come in different and unique shapes and sizes. Cut paper snowflakes. Snow forms when water vapor in the atmosphere freezes into beautiful crystal flakes. Learn more about snowflakes from Deseret News article Science of Snow by Carma Wadley. Salt Lake City's station KSL shares photos of snowflakes here. KSL also shares science experiments including how to measure snow on their Junior Weather Specialists Weather Experimentswebsite.

Snow cream

Yes, this is ice cream made of snow. We did this when we were small. As a word of caution, only use fresh clean snow.

  • 8 cups of fresh clean snow in a large bowl

  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk

  • 1 tsp vanilla

Combine and serve immediately. You can add whipped cream to the top, if you like.


Give your kids spray bottles full of cold water tinted with food coloring and let them go to work creating a masterpiece in the yard. The tint will color the snow.

Snow survival for teens

. Older children can learn important survival techniques. In a safe designated area, practice finding dry wood and lighting a fire in the snow. Warm toasted marshmallows taste especially wonderful in the cold. Did you know that if you put a paper cup of water in the fire with an egg in it, you can boil the egg and the cup won't burn? This only works with paper and not plastic disposable cups. Look for local experts and classes in your area.

Snow Angels

Never forget the simple joy of falling on your back in a fresh field of snow and waving your arms and legs to make a snow angel. Choose a safe place away from traffic and create a whole choir of angels together. Lay in the snow on your back with your arms straight out to your side and your legs straight and together. Then make a jumping jack motion in the snow. While your arms wave up and down and your legs move back and forth you create an angel. Stand carefully and turn around to see your creation.

Snowballs away!

Have a contest to see who can throw a snowball the farthest. Or put a target on a tree or the side of a house or shed for them to hit.

No matter what you decide to do in the snow this winter, make it fun. Why not end the day with a warm blanket, giggles and stories or even a cup of hot chocolate with "mini snowballs" (marshmallows). Enjoy the time outdoors with your family, and make memories you can keep forever.

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