Caleb Maddix is an author, entrepreneur, social media influencer, CEO and is a part of the Top 20 Most Motivational Influencers in the World. He has a massive social media following, with over 56,000 Instagram followers and thousands of views on his YouTube videos.

Oh, and he's only fifteen years old.

You're probably wondering how this teenager made it big, and it's not because his parents just gave him a company to run. Instead, his dad taught him a valuable lesson at a young age, and Maddix has never looked back.

When Maddix was seven years old, he was at a friend's house when his friend's mom gave her son a $20 bill. Maddix, being a normal, curious seven-year-old boy wanted to make money too, so he asked his friend how he got the money. His friend told him that every time he did a chore like taking out the trash or cleaning his room, his mom paid him $20.

This excited Maddix, so he went home to his dad, eager to start on chores to make some money. But, his dad had a different idea. He said, "I expect you to do that stuff. You're going to take out the trash. You're going to clean your room. And I don't want you thinking that you're going to make money in the future by taking out the trash."

Maddix's dad said he would pay him $20 for every success book he read and wrote a report on.

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Since that day, Maddix has worked to build an empire. He's been featured on Huffington Post, Forbes, FOX News and more.

In an interview with Forbes, Maddix shares what made him want to become an entrepreneur. He says, "I've always known since I was really young. I always knew I never wanted to work for somebody else, and I wanted to start my own business. It's who I am as a person."

This isn't easy for anyone to accomplish, but the quote Maddix lives by gave him the strength to take the leap and start his journey. He says, "The gun that kills the most people is the 'gonna' ... 'I'm gonna write a book, I'm gonna start a business' ... and all of a sudden they're 40 years old and unhappy with their life."

He went for his goal early and never looked back.

He decided that in order to be successful, he just needed to go for his goal. Maddix has written six books all about success, reaching dreams and accomplishing goals. He has multiple businesses, including Kids With a Mission and Kids 4 Success. He's making a difference in the world, and is an inspiration to kids and adults wanting to do the same.

According to Inc., his recipe for success is simple. Maddix says, "There's so much information at the tips of our fingers. I am where I am because of the books that I've read. It's the K.E.Y. to success: Keep Educating Yourself. The more you learn the more you will earn in return."

Maddix also has some great advice for any parents looking to help their child be successful. He told Forbes, "Be the type of parent that your kid wants to become because they respect you, but also be the type of person that if they became identical to you, you would respect, as you would respect yourself."

This teenager is certainly wise beyond his years and knows exactly what he wants out of life. Parents, instead of paying your kids to do chores, consider paying them to do reports on success books. You never know if they could be the next Caleb Maddix.

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Keys To Success For Kids

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Keys To Success For Kids 2.0

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How to Make Money as a Kid

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How You Can Have it All: Even if You Think It's Impossible

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The Secrets to Successful Family Communication (Mentor with Maddix) (Volume 1)

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