Becoming a mother is the most exciting and terrifying journey you embark on in life. But let’s be honest here, no matter how many books you read on what to expect and how to be a great parent, they cannot prepare you for your new journey as a parent. They can only act as a guide because every child is different, and some parenting tactics just won’t work for you.

When you observe mom groups, you start to realize that the most commonly asked questions are: “What advice or tips would you give to a new mom?”

Here’s some helpful advice to those who are expecting.

  • Download a pregnancy app to track your baby’s development every week, it can help to educate you on the process and what to expect.
  • Enjoy your pregnancy because 9 months seems like a long time, but that precious baby will be here before you know it and you will kick yourself for not enjoying your pregnancy.
  • Morning sickness is likely the worst part of pregnancy so, do your own research on what helps ease the sickness from home remedies to the famous preggy pops.
  • Love your body, it is getting ready to go through the biggest change and it needs all the love it can get.
  • Do not go on a newborn shopping spree just yet because newborns grow out of that stage super- fast, and you will wind up with tons of clothes they never even got to wear.
  • No matter how organized and structured your birth plan is, also know it can be completely thrown out the window.
  • Pack a hospital bag around 30 weeks and do a double-check to make sure you have everything you, the father, and your new bundle of joy need.
  • Giving birth is 100 percent the scariest and most exciting day of your life and remember there is no wrong or right way to give birth, do what you think is best for you when it comes to pain management, delivery options, etc.
  • You will have some bad days, but the good ones will certainly outnumber the bad.
  • Do not lie to make it seem like you’re ok, be vocal, and communicate with your partner.

It is also incredibly important to weigh your options when it comes to where you live. During your pregnancy, you will have more doctor’s visits in nine months than you have ever had previously, and it can be nerve-wracking if those doctor’s offices are far away and make travel a burden. Recently LawnStarter ranked the best and worst cities for new moms using factors like access to OB/GYNs, child-care facilities, lactation specialists and laws, paid maternity leave, and affordability.

2021's Best Cities for New Moms

Rank             City 

1                      Salem, OR

2                   Portland, OR

3                  Jersey City, NJ

4                    Eugene, OR

5                    Yonkers, NY

6                   Paterson, NJ

7                  Sunnyvale, CA

8                 New York, NY

9                  Boston, MA

10                 Bellevue, WA

and drumroll........

2021's Worst Cities for New Moms 

Rank                City 

165                    Norfolk, VA

166                   Cleveland, OH

167                   North Las Vegas, NV

168                  Memphis, TN

169                   Tallahassee, FL

170                   Las Vegas, NV

171                  Fort Lauderdale, FL

172                  New Orleans, LA

173                  Philadelphia, PA

174                   Detroit, MI

Every mom needs as many resources as possible to have the best experience and without worry. Prior to your pregnancy, it is likely you were not aware of the many challenges that new moms face because it's just not talked about enough.

During your journey to motherhood, you may also start to reflect on your childhood and your relationship with your mother. It would be a great time to thank her for everything she did and maybe ask her for her best advice.

Once you have delivered your sweet new addition, it is also imperative to be open with your doctor and partner about your post-partum concerns. If you are having a bad day, tell them. If you are finding it hard to laugh again or smile, tell them. Your body goes through some miraculous changes and it is completely normal to have off days.

You may also find it overwhelming that every mom friend you have wants to give you advice, even when it is awful now that the baby is here. Don't shy away from letting others know you don't need to know the 500 ways to rock a baby to sleep, you need to know about self-doubt and failures.

Google is great for research but, do not believe everything you read on the internet, it can increase your anxiety and stress levels. Always trust your gut and your heart, as a mother you have a built-in intuition to know what is best for your baby.

As a mother, you will quickly learn that being a mom is a lot like being on a roller coaster, you will have ups, and downs. Just when you thought you had everything figured out with your first child, your second one will throw a curveball. You will learn to let your children guide you by listening to their needs and instincts. Just be sure to always take time for yourself and your partner. In the end, it is not always about being the perfect mother, it's about giving your absolute best.

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