Moms are some of the hardest working people in the world. In 2021, moms outperform the old stereotypical perception that society once placed on women a long time ago. With that in mind, and have estimated that a homemaker should be making around $160k annually. Now take into consideration that moms are a big part of the American workforce, have booming careers, raise children, and run households – clearly, their value is worth much more.

Despite the exhausting long hours and often overlooked acts of hard work, moms keep going every day and continuously look out for everyone’s best interest.

In case you need a reminder of how much moms rock, here is the ultimate list.

1. Moms always know where everything is. Lost keys, shoes, uniforms, homework, or someone’s favorite stuffed animal, moms know where to find whatever is missing or misplaced.

2. Moms give the best hugs.

3. Mamas can blindly identify their child’s cry on the playground. She didn’t look up from her book because she knew that it wasn’t her child crying.

4. Moms always know the right things to say.

5. Or know, when to stay silent and allow the moment to play out – sometimes silence speaks louder.

6. Moms wake up in the middle of the night to help little ones go back to sleep and confront their nightmares.

7. Moms always think two steps ahead. Take a jacket in case it is chilly, grab a snack in case practice goes over, don’t forget your water bottle, or grab your umbrella because there is a chance of rain.

8. Mamas work around the clock to make sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of – chores, childcare, and other home responsibilities.

9. She is your guaranteed valentine every single year, no matter how old you are.

10. She is a force to be reckoned with. The infamous Maya Angelou says it best, “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.”

11. Moms are the best cheerleaders. It does not matter what a child has accomplished, moms are supportive and so proud.

12. In most cases, she rules the house. Women are usually the decision-makers in the household when it comes to all the things – dinner, purchases, etc. And, that generally makes them the manager of the house.

13. She has your back! Whether it is a bully at school or remembering that it is School Spirit Week, your mom will always be there for you.

14. Moms always have everything covered – Kleenex, toothpaste, greeting cards, band-aids, medicine, crayons, etc.

15. She always lets you lick the batter from the latest sweet treat she’s created.

16. Mamas are tough and they never back down from a challenge.

17. She never stops loving you because her love is unconditional.

18. Moms create the best traditions and the memories last for a lifetime.

19. Moms take care of their children when they are sick. They find a way to turn rough situations into a more manageable and less scary scenario.

20. Moms make you feel special. Whether it is a sweet note, cooking your favorite meal, or ironing your lucky shirt on picture day – moms are always willing to go the extra mile to make their children feel extra special.

21. She always remembers your birthday!

22. She can do everything – change the oil, cook dinner, throw a birthday party, landscape, pay the bills, etc.

23. They are brilliant multi-taskers! Seriously, no one can multi-task like a mother.

24. Moms never give up on you.

25. She understands you and will never let you down.

Basically, moms are superheroes! Without them, everyone would be lost, and the world would probably no longer exist. Remember, you don’t need a holiday like Mother’s Day to celebrate your mom’s awesomeness. Always look for ways to appreciate your mom and never pass up the moment to remind her how much you appreciate her.

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