Over time, it is easy to find ourselves in a monotonous routine. We do the same activities each day with our children and rarely do anything to mix things up. Get out of the house and celebrate. Each day is a day of many celebrations and daily observances. Pick a few daily holidays and do something fun. Be creative and enjoy a day away from your regular, boring routine.

National Learn to Swim Day

May 18 is National Learn to Swim Day. This is the perfect day to pull out your children's swimsuits and have some fun in the water. Many swimming pools will soon open, and this day is the perfect opportunity to prepare. Go over basic strokes and teach your children how to float. If there isn't a swimming pool open nearby, discuss swimming safety, then let your children run through the sprinklers and enjoy the water. It will get them outside, active and excited for what summer has in store for them.

Visit Your Relatives Day

Spend the day visiting your extended family. Go spend the afternoon at grandma's house, or go to the park with a bunch of cousins. Visiting your relatives doesn't have to be a planned event. Just stop in and say hi. Let them know that you are thinking of them. Or, plan a service activity you can complete for several members of your family. This will give your children the opportunity to serve and help anyone who may be in need.

If you live far away from family, visit family friends. You can also write letters, draw pictures or call family members. Just let those people in your life whom you care about know you are thinking of them and care deeply about them.

International Museum Day

May 18 is International Museum Day. Enjoy an afternoon at a nearby museum. Make the afternoon educational and encourage your children to learn five new things throughout the tour. There are a variety of museums located all around the world. Find a museum nearby that interests your children. If you live near several museums, make a day out of it. Let each child choose where she wants to go, and plan your time accordingly throughout the day. If the topic interests your child, he will be more eager and excited to learn all he can while he is there.

I Love Reeses Day

The perfect day involves chocolate. On this day, enjoy a day filled with both chocolate and peanut butter. Buy a few Reeses and let your children enjoy their sweet taste. You can also create snacks or a dessert to celebrate this sweet treat day. Your children will love a fun treat and enjoy something new.

Don't sit around the house doing the same thing day after day. Get up and celebrate a few unique holidays. Your children will love the new opportunities and activities, and they won't even realize they are learning throughout the process.

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