Many of us are guilty of holding onto a surplus of unnecessary items. These items may hold sentimental value, or we may think that someday we will need them. May 17 is National Pack Rat Day. This is a day to celebrate that inner pack rat found within each of us. But instead of turning your home into a hoarding shop, you can keep it organized and stay on top of your large collection of belongings. Below are 5 ways to channel your inner pack rat and keep all of your valuables organized.

1. Use boxes and totes

Boxes and totes become your best friend when you are trying to stay organized. These storage containers make it easy to find specific items at a later time. They also make it possible to stack and store your items. If you wish to hold onto a variety of belongings, put them in a place that is easy to access yet out of the way. Boxes and totes make that possible.

2. Label

Label, label, label. As you place all of your items in organized boxes and totes, make sure you label the storage container. Taking this extra step eliminates the frustration of sorting through box after box looking for certain items. Labeling also takes very little time. Grab a permanent marker and write on the exterior of the container, or buy a label maker and create a fancy label for each box. What ever method you choose, make sure it works best for you and makes it easy for you to find the items you are looking for.

3. Avoid piles

Piles are prone to grow larger. They are often created when you just don't know where to put items. They can also sit there for days, growing larger and larger and creating an even more time-consuming organization project. When you come across unorganized items, put them away right away. If not, it may take you several days before you touch them again.

4. Don't create one large overwhelming project

Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to complete one large organizing project in a short period of time. Complete your cleaning and organizing in small increments. Do a little at a time each day. By completing small projects, you will be able to get a significant amount of cleaning done, and you won't be entirely burned out when finished.

5. Get creative

When organizing and putting away your belongings, get creative with how you organize and store the items. You need to organize in a way that works best for you. You need to be able to find the items and store them without overtaking your home. Every situation is different. You need to find something that is ideal for your current situation.

Each person has a little bit of pack rat mentality inside of them. Whether you save items for a rainy day, or because it brings back a good memory you can find several items around your home that you want to keep and preserve. Channel that inner pack rat and keep each of those items organized and well-kept around your home.

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