After three years of trying for a baby, it was miraculous for Kate and David Ogg when they found out they were pregnant with twins. Little did they know, the greatest miracles were yet to come.

At 26 weeks - 14 weeks too early - Kate went into labor.

Although it was a terrifying experience for the Oggs, they were eventually told they had two beautiful new babies: one boy, one girl.

But all of the buzzing excitement in the delivery room suddenly shifted. Something didn't seem right, and the doctors turned their attention to the tiny boy.

"Have you thought of a name for your son?" the doctor had asked after working on the baby for 20 minutes. "Jamie," was the response. The doctor sat on the edge of the bed and delivered earth-shattering news, "Jamie didn't make it. We've lost him."

Flooded with grief, David collapsed next to Kate as she grabbed her son from the doctor and asked everyone to leave the room.

"I ordered David to get his clothes off and get into the bed with me because I wanted as much body heat around this baby as possible," Kate Ogg said in a video interview. "He was cold and I wanted him to be warm and alive."

What followed is almost unbelievable. The Oggs kept Jamie pressed against their skin, adjusting his tiny head to hear Kate's heartbeat. They sobbed in grief as they told Jamie about his sister, Emily, who was now the lone surviving twin. Emily was going to be OK, and the Oggs told Jamie he needed to look out for her.

Jamie was also informed of the big plans his parents had for him. They described all of his extended family and made many promises if he would just stay alive.

The bawling parents suddenly felt something: a little movement from Jamie. He was moving, and even better, he was breathing! The Oggs continued to hold on, keeping Jamie's skin against theirs the entire time.

Then, in one astounding moment, Jamie opened his eyes and grabbed David's finger. The teensy pre-mature hand barely covered the tip of his Dad's finger, but this tiny gesture filled the Oggs with joy. Jamie laid his head back on Kate's chest and stared at his Dad.

"It was the most astounding and amazing thing that had ever happened," Kate said.

Kate credits Jamie's miraculous return to life to the skin-on-skin contact he had with Kate and David. His parent's body heat gave him the time he needed to fight for life.

Naturally, the Oggs made sure to continue that contact with their infant babies when they were eventually released from the hospital. "We didn't stop touching them since the moment we got them home," Kate said. "We knew how valuable skin and skin contact was - it's what had saved his life."

Jamie and Emily Ogg are now five years old and have welcomed another little brother - Charlie - into the family. Recently, Kate told her twins about their miraculous birth. Emily cried and kept hugging Jamie. Charlie, the younger brother, likes to tell the story a different way, Kate said in an interview with Daily Mail.

"He'll say: 'When I was born I was fat, and the twins were skinny. Jamie was also dead but now he is alive,'" Kate said.

Possibly one of the greatest miracles for the Oggs is that Jamie, the baby who was dead and is now alive, has had no medical problems in his five happy years of life.

Now the Oggs run an online community to raise funds for premature and sick newborns. As they cherish their three children, Kate and Dave make sure that hugs and affection are a priority in parenting their babies.

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