There is no definitive way of describing happiness. Many believe happiness is only a temporary emotion while others believe it is a permanent one. Some people depend on others to make them feel happy and content. There is nothing wrong with others bringing happiness into your life. However, should we depend on other people to make us happy all the time? Or should we take the time to find happiness within us?

Through my personal experiences, I have learned that happiness comes from within me. I used to lean on boyfriends and friends to give me that sense of happiness. Unfortunately, the relationships took a different turn than I expected. Before I knew it, my happiness was over. Later, I realized that doing the things I enjoyed the most brought me happiness. Even the littlest things brought a smile to my face.

Depending on what is taking place in your life, you may struggle with the idea of happiness. But, it is important to remember that happiness may not necessarily come in big packages; it can come in small forms. For example, you may struggle with a loss of money or problems at work, but you have a wonderful family by your side. To me, family is happiness.

Here are some ways to find happiness from within.

Dedicating time to others

Whenever you have free time, find some volunteer work. Maybe spend time helping the elderly at a nursing home, soup kitchen, clothing drive for the needy or at your child's school. There is always a gratifying feeling assisting others in need. Seeing someone else smile can bring out the smile in you.

Spending time with family

Take a trip to the museum, have a picnic, go to the movies, play in the park or simply have a family day at home. Materialistic things do bring happiness, but it's not everything. It may not even be forever. But the precious time spent with family is happiness that lasts forever.


It may not necessarily be your achievements - although it is a good reason for happiness. But, happiness can come from your child achieving the best grades at school, your spouse's promotion, or a new addition to the family. You could be proud and happy just from someone's achievements.

Setting goals

There's a great feeling when setting goals for you and the family. Goals are positive things. You long for those days. And each time you think about your future goals, a sense of happiness develops in you.


Maybe you can sit alone in your favorite place - at home or an outside venue - sipping a cup of coffee thinking about nothing at all. You are ready to admire the day and enjoy the free time on your hands.

We, each, have our own definition of happiness. I believe happiness lies in the good we receive and the good we reciprocate to others. Perhaps the true meaning of happiness comes from deep within us.

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