You know those moms ... the cool ones who are doing everything their kids tell them to, trying to be their best friend, letting them get away with bad behavior like talking back, not doing chores or cleaning their bedrooms and not keeping up with schoolwork.

We don't want to be that kind of mom. We want to be parents. The kind of moms who raise respectful, responsible, and kind, considerate people. Well, sometimes that requires a certain level of "mean"—well, at least others may see it as mean. Really, we're just doing our job.

But sometimes, our kids may think we're mean just because they don't get their way. So, there's that too.

1. Telling your child to be human is apparently not okay

2. Seriously. It's our job


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3. No, making six different meals to accommodate everyone is not happening

4. Rule #1 of parenting: if you make a threat, follow through

A painful post for me to make. #meanmom #toughlove #youllunderstandwhenyoureolder

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5. Mean and love can co-exist

6. I mean, how could you?

7. Wait. This is a party where you have to actually talk to each other?

I consider this one of my greatest parenting moments.

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8. Seems easier to just take care of your stuff in the first place

9. Veggies before candy is cruel and unusual punishment

10. Mean moms bringing back writing on the chalk board like ...

Time for a new chalkboard wall. #meanmom

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11. Kids totally hoping to do nothing during school breaks get a rude awakening

Starting Monday my girls are in for some Summer fun and responsibility☀️? Moms making this chart.

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12. Teaching kids to work is actually more work for the parent, but necessary

13. No dead reptiles in the clothing store, please

14. Having and enforcing rules = good kids

15. This is why we need mean moms

Being a "mean" mom really means you're doing it right. No, abusing your children into submission is not okay, but having rules, setting boundaries and teaching your children to respect others is vital to their well-being. So keep making them do chores, obey curfews, eat vegetables and bathe (like a cat in water sometimes, right?). It's your job to teach your children how to become adults. Don't give them everything; teach them to work for it and earn it.

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