Our lives can pull us in a million directions, and it may seem like we are always on the go. But it is possible to slow down. All we need is a little simplicity in our lives. We need to forget about the stress, frustrations, and the overwhelming moments we face each day and concentrate on something of a more simple nature. July 12 is Simplicity Day. This day is designed to help us forget about those moments when life seems too overwhelming and focus on the more simple things in life.

How do we find simplicity in our busy lives?

1. Meditation

Meditation provides many physical and mental health benefits. By slowing down and removing stress from your life, you can reduce your blood pressure and stress hormone levels. You will also find yourself in the right mindset when large and difficult challenges come into your life.

There are many types of mediation, so you need to find one that best fits you. For example, prayer and deep breathing are excellent forms of meditation. They can reduce the stress in your life and help you concentrate on the small and simple things that matter most.

2. Organization

Becoming organized may seem like an overwhelming project that causes more grief than not. But once you are organized, you will find life is much simpler. You won't be sorting through drawers and large piles while trying to find that one certain item. You will know where everything is placed.

You do not have to organize your entire house in one day. Make it a project that takes several days or even weeks. Complete the project in increments. Don't try to conquer it all at once or you may find yourself burned out and your organization skills slowly dwindling away.

3. Physical activity

A little exercise each day can go a long way. Exercise not only helps improve your self-esteem, lose excess weight, and reduce high blood pressure it also releases endorphins, clears your mind, and lets you get away from the daily stresses of life. By participating in some type of physical activity each day, you will be productive and accomplish more. You will not be as stressed about your long to-do list and those overwhelming feelings of frustration will decrease.

4. "Me" time

Sometimes all you need is a little "me" time. Get away from all of the complex tasks and challenges you face each day. Do something that you want to do. Whether you want to go to the gym, a spa or just want a nap, do something that will lift your spirits and brighten your mood. When you feel better about your life, life is much more pleasant and easier to enjoy.

5. Focus

When trying to simplify your life, focus on the things that matter most. Go through your to-do list each day and choose the top five things that must get done. When those tasks are complete work on the rest. But if you don't get to them, don't worry. You have accomplished the most important tasks of the day. Focus on what you have accomplished. Focus on the good in your life. Focus on the things and the people that make you happy. You will find when you are concentrating on the things and people you care most about, the small, unimportant details don't matter. Life becomes much more simple.

Even though it seems like we are running a race each day to stay caught up, it is possible to find simplicity in life. Just apply a few of the above suggestions each day and you will find simplicity in your life.

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