Fairy gardens are a magical place for anyone - especially kids. The beauty of a fairy garden is it can be maintained almost completely by your child with a small watering can. We have greatly enjoyed our fairy gardens over the years. Our children and grandchildren love to create little furniture out of sticks and leave chocolate chips for the fairies.

Here are some tips to help you get started in your fairy garden venture.


Where are you going to create your tiny garden? If you live in an apartment, a glass bowl or flower pot could be all you need. If you want your garden outside, try to hide it away. Most tiny plants scorch easily. Find an out of the way shady corner for your fairies to reside. Little people, and fairies, will spend a lot of time here so make sure it's a comfortable place for them.


Once you've decided where you garden will reside, it's time to find plants. Make sure you use plants that will thrive in the garden area you've created. If your garden is shaded most of the day, shade loving miniature plants will thrive. If you live in a dry desert climate, drought tolerant plants would do better. If it's an indoor garden there are many plants that would do well indoors. Two green thumbs.com is a site that lists friendly plants for your garden.

Remember, most plants in your garden will be green, or a shade of green. You can add color with decorations. With this in mind, let's move on to furniture.


Every fairy needs comfort. When you've decided on a location and have browsed plants, you can decide on a theme. Are your fairies beach loving fairies, or wooden rustic furniture lovers? Do you fairies love bright colored toadstools and have gnome friends? Try your local nurseries for fairy furniture, they usually have a fun section to browse. If you're handy, local craft stores many times have unfinished wooden doors and benches you could finish with your kids. You may also want to use sticks, leaves and other materials from your own yard or local area to decorate and make furniture for your garden. Our children love to use sticks and leaves to create new pieces of furniture for our fairies.

Here is a YouTube video to inspire your fairy garden theme.

Getting Started

When you have a location, or a pot, make sure you take the time to prepare your site and soil. It would be a shame to spend your time, and money, planting an adorable garden that dies in a week. If you're planting in the ground outside, make sure your soil is healthy. Your local extension service can test your soil for you if you feel you need testing. Normally, adding a little compost or fertilizer in the recommended amounts and mixing it a week or so in advance can help. If you're planting in a pot, make sure you have adequate drainage or pebbles and rocks in the bottom of your container to help drain your soil. Clear containers with decorative river rocks in the bottom can be quite charming.

After your soil is ready and you've decided on a design or theme, it's time to plant. With your plants still in pots, place them in the area you think they should be planted. This can help your vision come to life. Any changes you make should be made before you actually plant the garden. This will help the plants stay healthy.


Once the garden is planted, the furniture in place and it has been watered, sit back and enjoy your miniature creation.

Gardening can be magical for children and adults a like. Allow your children to be involved in creating and maintaining your magical fairy garden. Try leaving little notes and gifts from the fairies for your children to find, encourage them to reply. Their curiosity and imagination can grow and develop with this fun family activity.

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