You don't need to look far for great outdoor fun, it can be created in your own backyard. There is nothing more fun than a sunny day and some great outdoor games with your kids. Learning to be creative and getting good exercise are great ways to increase harmony and love in your family. Here are some fun ideas to get you started on your homemade adventure.

Kubb(or Viking chess). This is a fun yard game that anyone can play. It's played on a rectangular piece of lawn or sand, you put the large Kingpin in the middle and each side gets five Kubbs. The object of the game is to knock over your opponent's kubbs and the kingpin, by throwing wooden dowels. It can be hours of good fun for a family, or neighborhood. We were introduced to Kubb by a family member and made our own set. You can find plans and step by step instructions here, as well as rules for the game.

Making your inside games, outside

What about your favorite inside games? Checkers? Kerplunk? Jenga? Most of these games can be replicated into giant versions with little skill. Here is a great site that can give you ideas for your own outside versions of your favorite inside games from tic-tac-toe to a life sized angry birds!

Water games

Wouldn't it be fun to have a splash pad in your yard? In the link below you can find instructions for a homemade giant slip n' slide, to go along with your splash pad you can assemble pvc pipes with elbows into any shape you want and drill holes where you want water to spray, or add sprinklers to the top, then add a hose attachment to one end of your creation and hook up the water. Instant water park. Here are some ideas and instructions. Of course giant out door bubbles, and homemade water bomb sponges are always great fun for kids and adults alike.

Back yard science rocket launchers

Engage your future scientists. Craft Yourself shows how to build a simple rocket launcher that uses a 2 liter bottle. It is inexpensive fun and a cool splash down on a summer day. For added fun have a competition for rocket design and height of flight. The book Backyard Ballistics's by Gurstelle adds math to your fun. Gurstelle teaches you how to teach trigonometry while rocket launching. Kids use math to figure out how high their rockets fly. Fun and educational.

Bug Safari

Raise a future entomologist. Get your magnifying glasses and camera's out and collect pictures of backyard bugs. Get kids in the mood with Silly Bus's songIcky Insects. Raise a future entomologist as you collect and identify photos of insects right outside your back door.

Grow a garden and a botanist all at the same time

Go beyond vegetable gardening and teach your children the science of plants using fun videos and hands on learning found here. All the science you can't remember you learned in school about plants can be found here and shared with kids.

Build a fort

Forts and tree houses are just as fun on the ground. Plan and build a fort. (Make sure it has lots of windows so that you can keep an eye on your kids.) Use blankets and ropes, scrap lumber or anything you can get your hands on. Involve the kids and be creative. Here are a few ideas.

Get old fashioned. Remember tug o' war? Or kick the can? They were fun when you were small, your kids would probably love them just as much today. Why not bring back some oldies, or change the rules of an older game to fit your family today.

Fun doesn't need to be store-bought, expensive or far away. Find ways that your family can have fun and be together in your own backyard!

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