Have you ever wondered how to encourage your teen to be more professional in the work force? Check out these tips for more information.

  • After your teen has a job locked in, tell them to once more tell the employer, "Thank you for this opportunity."

  • Remind them not to be afraid to dress above the dress code for work: it will only make you look more professional. If you're working in an office and they tell you it's super casual, don't be afraid to wear button up shirts, nice blouses, dresses or slacks. That is one way to always ensure you look the part. Always avoid ripped jeans or other ripped clothing.

  • If your child can drive to work, encourage them to do so as often as possible. This will give them the ability to go buy their own lunch or snacks throughout the day if it's not provided. Or if there is some kind of work emergency, it gives them the perfect way to evacuate or fix the situation.

  • It's also good to encourage your teen to pay for their own gas and lunch. Hopefully that won't take all of their paycheck, but it will teach them a new respect for how much things actually cost. Talk to them ahead of time about a plan or compromise if they go over their budget for the month. Fair consequences might include a temporary car suspension, taking a sack lunch for a week, or taking on extra chores to earn back the money they overspent.

  • Ask your teen to think of school as a full-time job. During their school weeks they shouldn't be working forty-hour weeks. They need to decide for themselves how much they can handle depending on homework, projects, social life, and whatever is left over is for work. Make sure they include time off to spend with the family. Not working certain days of the week, or coming home early some days for family time could strengthen your family.

  • Teach your teen to work with a purpose or goal. This could include saving up for college, being more independent, or building up their resume. When they know why they are working, they will try much harder to succeed.

  • Just because your teen has a job doesn't mean they can or should be paying for everything. Start off slowly. If they want to upgrade to the newest smartphone, they should make that a goal that they can pay for when they have the means.

Overall many decisions need to be made as a family; hopefully those tips will help your teen stay above the crowd in professionalism.

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