People make bad decisions. This list of bad tattoos is proof of that. The teenage brain is especially susceptible to bad decisions, which is a good reason to talk your teen out of getting a permanent tattoo. We all do dumb things. We don't want them on display the rest of our lives.

Here are 8 arguments to keep your teen tattoo-free.

1. Your tastes will change

You may love your cartoon characters now, but are you willing to stick with them for the next half century? Perhaps it's a favorite sports team or athlete you want to immortalize. Well, people (and teams) find new homes. Someone may be rethinking this Seattle SuperSonics tattoo. And, heroes can let you down. This person may no longer be a fan of Lance Armstrong.

2. Fads come and go

So you're a true Twihard and want a tattoo of Edward to show your undying devotion? In 15 to 20 years, Edward may not seem so cool. I wonder if the person with this tattoo is still as enamored with Patrick Swayze as they used to be? Bottom line: You don't want to have to explain who's the tattooed head on your back, then still get blank stares.

3. Your future spouse may hate it

It could be your true love is not a fan of Pee Wee Herman, or Nascar. He or she may not want another person's name or face on your arm. Even if you think you'll be together forever, an unflattering rendition of your honey could lead to trouble in paradise.

4. Some tattoo artists can't spell

You don't want your spelling mistakes immortalized for future teachers and spelling bee contestants to poke fun at like the ones on this list.

5. A tattoo can keep you from getting the job you want

Some tattoos are hard to cover and can turn people off. It could prevent you from getting a job that requires working with the public. Tattoos can also reveal desires and attitudes an employer may misconstrue as poor work ethic.

6. You want people to remember you - not your tattoo

You don't want to be known as the guy with the monkey head or the girl with the shark on her armpit. Don't let your tattoo eclipse the many wonderful things about you.

7. There are health risks associated with tattooing

The risks associated with getting tattoos include allergic reactions to the ink, scarring, skin infections and blood borne diseases. Not all tattoo parlors keep sanitary conditions. Never have a friend or acquaintance tattoo you in their home.

8. Tattoos are expensive to remove

Tattoo removal is a painful and expensive process. It takes many sessions of treatment with varying levels of success. It's best not to make the mistake in the first place.

Your teen or young adult may think getting a tattoo is the cool thing to do, but it's a decision he will have to live with for the rest of his life. Often, with unconsidered consequences. Tattooing should wait for a little maturity.

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