I'm one of those people who spends more time than I'd like to admit fantasizing about food. (I get confused when people "forget to eat." What does that even mean...) So, I know an inspired food combo when I see one, and this combination takes the cake. (See what I did there?)

So everyone, please, remain calm. This news might just be too much to handle. Ice cream and donuts have been wed into a hot and cold ooey-gooey power couple and the world couldn't be more happy about it.

You guys, this is what we're dealing with:

Donut + Ice Cream = Monster ? ?TAG YOUR FRIEND ?WE OPEN LATE TIL 11PM #monsterdonut #cookiemonstericecream #icecreamdonut ? @grubspot ?

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And this:

And this:

Kick off the 4th of July ???? Open Hour TODAY 12Noon-9PM @cookiemonstericecream

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And this:

Now that you've seen that, take a moment to calm yourself before you I blast you with the big guns. Ready?

Oh my goodness! It's a donut filled with ice cream on top of a MILKSHAKE! Is the world ready for something like that? (OK, yes, yes we are ready. It may be a challenge but it's a challenge I'm willing to conquer head-on.)

Here's what you need to know: these otherworldly treats are made-to-order by sealing your choice of ice cream inside a hot glazed donut. According to B Sweet's website it's "Hot on the outside, cold on the inside, yummy all over."

Heaven! #icecreamdonut #risenroll #yummy

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So where do you need to go to get one of these amazing things in your belly? Well, they are a trend that's sure to sweep the nation so hopefully soon you'll be able to walk down the street and pick one up but as for now, unless you live in one of these blessed locations, you might have to book a plane ticket to make this dream come true. Here's where to go:

Cookie Monster Ice Cream - El Cajon, California

B Sweet - Los Angeles, California

Five Daughters Bakery - Nashville, Tennessee

Rise & Roll - various locations, Indiana

Vicky's Donuts - London, England

I'm sorry, I can't look at these anymore. I'm going to cry because they're so beautiful.

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