As much as it pains you to say "no" to requests from your children, it is necessary. Especially in these situations:

1. Buying everything they ask for or replacing items damaged from their own neglect

For one reason or another, many parents give their children everything or almost everything they ask for (toys, games, electronics). This tends to happen more with parents who work too much or divorced parents who try to make up for their absence with gifts.

Some children are careless with their belongings and neglect to take care of them. These children know if they screw up or break the item, the father or mother will buy them a new one without consequence.

No matter the value, avoid buying everything they want or replacing what they usually spoil. They need to learn the value of their belongings and hard work. They must learn to be more careful and appreciate the many sacrifices you make to be able to buy them things.

2. Going to activities that offer potential risks

Children can be extremely pushy when it comes to getting out and experiencing fun. When the activities they want to participate in are healthy fun, it is beneficial to let them go. They need to enjoy such activities to learn and grow. The problem is when they want to go to potentially dangerous or inappropriate places to seek entertainment. We must have the courage to say no and be ready to firmly resistant their impending pressure.

3. Not censoring movies and games

The ratings of movies and games should be carefully observed when deciding what to allow your little one to play with or see. Censorship exists to protect our little ones from violence, sexualization and other inappropriate content.

4. Asking to wear inappropriate clothing and accessories for their age

Inappropriate clothing is more an issue with girls than boys. They want want to wear sexy outfits, high heels and makeup at younger and younger ages. We need to preserve their innocence and purity for as long as we can.

5. Anything else you feel they should not do

As parents, especially mothers, our sixth sense or intuition to nurture and protect increases when our children are born. We must make the best possible use of this gift by paying attention to our feelings and promptings. When we listen to our intuition, we can potentially prevent bad things from happening to our little ones. If you feel like you should not do something for your child, even if it is innocent, follow your intuition and do not give it to them.

Even if your kids insist by kicking and stomping their feet or participate in emotional blackmail, stand firm in your decision. They need limits. Limits are essential to your happiness. You can feel bad for saying no to your child today, but it is better to prevent things from happening. Save yourself from the guilt of what could have happened to them if you would have just said no the first time.

This article has been adapted and translated from the original, "Se você ama seus filhos diga NÃO a estes 5 pedidos deles," which was published on

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