For most of us, it is a constant battle to overcome life's storms and often times it's a struggle to just stay in the boat.

We may even fall out of the boat and struggle to tread water and keep our head above the level of drowning.

Wherever you may be in life's battle, know that there is a way to overcome. It begins with being still.

Here are 5 ways we can be still and let God fight our battles for us.

Be still and listen

Often times, we are so busy fighting our battles that we don't hear the Still Small voice of our general. The Spirit speaks to us the words of Christ, but his command is soft and gentle.

If we are still and listen, we can hear his quiet voice giving us the tools and direction we need to come out of the battle victorious. Listening in times of battle is a skill that requires us to be still so that we can recognize the right voice.

It is the Savior's voice that will come to comfort us if we take the time to be still and listen for it.

Be still and learn

Living in a world with so many voices, it is sometimes difficult to recognize the voice of our Savior Jesus Christ, which is why it is important that we learn of him.

Learning of the Savior requires stillness because much of what we learn comes from the Spirit and can be learned in no other way.

As we learn of him, not only will we understand his mission, but we will feel the incredible love he has for all God's children.

Learning also involves learning of our enemy. It is important to know who you are fighting and why. Our enemy knows us intimately. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses and he will attack us in those weaknesses. Be aware of how he fights and strengthen and reinforce those places where you are weak. Being still and learning allows us to gain the knowledge we need to fight with wisdom.

Be still and love

Perfect love casts out all fear. When we can be still and love, it allows us to see life through God's eyes. We no longer fear what life's battle throws at us because we can face it with a full heart and a contrite spirit.

We no longer react with anger, and we are more able to see clearly those things we need to do in order to improve our situation. Anger and fear is our enemy's greatest weapon, and love is our counter.

If we can love, we can conquer the world and overcome everything Satan throws at us. Charity, meaning the pure love of Christ, never fails us. Be still and love as the Savior loves, and life's battles won't seem so troublesome.

Be still and lighten

Many times, a battle with darkness can be won by simply turning on the light.

Our enemy likes fighting in the dark, but because we are children of light, we will always have the advantage over him, as light always dispels darkness.

There are many ways we can turn on the light, but the quickest and easiest way, is through prayer. As we learn to find quiet moments to be still and call on the powers of heaven, God will fight our battle for us.

His light will distill upon us like a gentle dew from heaven and we will receive promptings that will lead us to a higher and holier place. Because we are children of light, we never have to fight in the dark. We must never forget to be still and call upon heaven's light to rescue us.

Be still and let go

Life's battles are about deciding when to fight and when to walk away.

Sometimes, battles are created because of our own making and because we can't let go. We fear that letting go would show weakness, so we keep fighting a battle that doesn't need to be fought.

Forgiveness is essential when fighting battles because when we forgive, we learn to let go. We let go of expectations, of hurt, of anger, of pride, and we simply walk away and choose peace instead.

Forgiveness brings peace that only comes when we no longer choose the chaos of a troubled heart. "Let not your heart be troubled," these were the Savior's own words, and they should be engraved upon our heart.

When we learn to let go, and let our heart be free from trouble, it leads to fewer battles and a happier way of life.

We weren't meant to hold on to our troubles. The Savior already fought the battle in Gethsemane and won. Let go and let your Savior rescue you. He fought life's battle so we don't have to. We can give everything away and find peace in him.

Be still in life's battle and know that God loves you. If we can learn to be still, we can overcome all things placed within our path. Cheerfully do all things within your power, then stand still and know that God will take care of the rest.

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