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Maria Menounos recently announced that her and husband, Keven Undergaro, are expecting their first baby. In a statement to People, Menounos says that they are "beyond excited" to have a baby via surrogacy after nearly a decade of trying to conceive. “Just after a decade of trying everything, we are so grateful to the beautiful family helping us conceive our baby,” she said. “Keven, my dad and I are all beyond excited for this soul to come into our lives. What a blessing.”

Menounos has spoken publicly about her fertility struggles in the past. In 2018, she told People that she and Undergaro had been exploring the idea of using a surrogate to extend their family. The topic of surrogacy came after Menounos underwent brain surgery in 2017 to remove a benign tumor. Although Menounous explained that the doctors have said there is only a six to seven percent chance of the tumor returning, she and her husband still had reservations about putting her body through a pregnancy. “We definitely want children,” Undergaro said. “But I’m very concerned about her going through a pregnancy, and I would like to explore a surrogate because her body has been through hell. I want a baby desperately, but I don’t want it to be at the risk of her health.”

In a recent Instagram post from Menounos, she paid tribute to her late mother who passed away in May of 2021 after battling stage 4 brain cancer. “I know my mom had a cup of greek coffee with God and said it’s time,” she wrote in the post’s caption. “So grateful for the blessing in our lives. Can’t believe I’m sharing this news without her in the physical, but I know she made it happen on the other side and is going to be with me every step of the way.”

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