She didn't hear anything happening in the kitchen other than music, and her hunger made her get up to see what was going on and find something to eat. But she never would have expected what she discovered.

Her husband had decided to play music, pick up her daughter and dance with their little girl while, at every turn, he tried to make toast.

Without thinking about it, the mom took her phone and immortalized the images.

Here are some of the most important things a father can leave as a legacy to his daughter:

I grew up without a father, so my mother was my mom and dad. However, I always grew up feeling that something was missing in my life. The presence of a father and what he can teach his daughters is invaluable.

These are some of the things that, as a father, you can do for those God given princesses in your life:

Show her how a lady should be treated

Last night while watching "My Big Greek Wedding" with my oldest daughter, I pointed out that a man who will love her forever will make sacrifices for the woman he loves. He also changes what he has to change and understands that she and her family are a group package.

A father can teach her this by his example, his respect for her mother, his respect for his daughters and his respect for women in general. This will help her gain a high standard for men and will help her realize her own value. She will not accept a man who does not value her like she deserves.

Teach her that dreaming costs nothing, but she must work to make dreams come true

Ask her about her dreams, what she expects from her life, day and school projects. Listen carefully and, when you know her dreams, show her the small steps to acheive them. When you grow up, you realize that the greater the dream, the greater the steps you must take.

Show that what's inside is worth more than her appearance

Don't comment on the physical appearance of other women, not even your wife or daughters. Try to teach them that outside appearances will not always last, because no one can preserve physical beauty forever. It's the inside beauty of a person that gives us eternal fruit.

She will then regard her intelligence, personality and personal perspective higher and realize physical beauty is not important.

Teach about equality

Mom and Dad are able to do the same things, so she can achieve the same things as others as well. Some achievements may take more time and effort, but sooner or later all men and women can succeed.

Teach her it's not acceptable to be second to anything or anyone

She is worth everything in the world and should never accept being any man's plan B. Emphasize her value. Emphasize that in the world of love there is no bartering. Teach her to keep her values high.

Teach her that mistakes do not define us - they teach and strengthen us

Let her fall and make mistakes, but stay by her side and lift her up and get her started again. Teach her that after each mistake she doesn't start back at the beginning again, because she is now stronger.

Teach her not to have a good day but a worthwhile day

Good days are those where we don't take risks, and days where we have not grown. Worthwhile days come when we take a risk. Regardless of the outcome, a worthwhile day is when someone else or something within us changed.

Teach her your love is unconditional and you will be there even if everything collapses

Nothing is scarier than abandonment or loss. Be the rock she needs. Help her know that even if the winds of life try to tear her away, you will never let her go.

Teach her to dance

And remind her that when the day comes that you give her to a special man who loves and respects her just as much as you do, you will dance with her one more time to celebrate love.

This article was adapted and translated from the original, "Mamá creía que su esposo estaba haciendo el desayuno con su hija, pero cuando entró a la cocina se encontró con esto." It was originally published on

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