Every soon-to-be-mom looks forward to the day when she gets to look at her baby's ultrasound. The nurse helps point out the baby's nose, hands and little feet. It's in these moments when the kicker growing in the mom's belly feels completely real.

But for 28-year-old Natasha Gent, a first-time mom, things became a bit confusing when an entire medical team noticed something strange about her ultrasound.

The baby seemed perfectly fine, except for what seemed to look like a white halo full of wisps surrounding the baby's head.

The nurses told Gent and her husband to expect their baby to have a "bit of hair" when she was born. But, the parents were completely shocked when their baby daughter, Holly, was born with a full, thick head of brown hair.

The Gent couple said whenever they go out, people around them can't help but stare and make comments about how Holly looks like a doll or should star in her own shampoo commercial.

"Her hair is pretty low-maintenance," Natasha said. "But it's always the 'mane' attraction when we go out."

Holly isn't the only baby to gain fame for her fabulous locks. Earlier this year, 7-month-old Theo and his mom were invited to the Ellen show for his "80's rock star" hair.

Theo's mom, Adriana, says she doesn't do anything special to make Theo's hair so long and luscious.

"Just typical, tear-free shampoo and a little leave-in conditioner," Adriana said.

She also blow dries and brushes his hair with one of her brushes, because "those little fuzzy baby brushes do not work."

When Theo was born, all of Adriana's friends and family said his thick hair would eventually fall out, but it has only continued to grow.

We can't wait to see how Theo and Holly's hair turns out in years to come!

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