Pete Davidson recently confessed during an interview on Kevin Hart's show, Hart to Hart, that his dream is to have a family.

The 28-year-old said: "I'm definitely a family guy. My favorite thing ever, which I have yet to achieve, is I want to have a kid. That's, like, my dream. Yeah, and so it's like super corny."

Davidson has longed for a solid family unit after tragically losing his own father, Scott Davidson, during the tragic event that took place on 9/11. Davidson was only seven years old and has since been open about his battles with depression and suicide.

Scott Davidson was one of New Yorks's most courageous firefighters who never stopped serving others. Scott would last be photographed with Ladder 118 crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Davidson was helping evacuate from the Marriot Hotel minutes before the North Tower collapsed on it. There were no survivors from Davidson's unit.

Pete explained that his childhood wasn't the best after losing his dad, and this has always been his ultimate goal. Pete believes if his childhood had been 'normal', he would be a construction worker in Staten Island, but he went into comedy to cope with his trauma.

Pete told Hart: "It would be so fun to dress up a little dude. I'm so excited for that chapter."

"So, like, that's what I'm just preparing for now, trying to be, like, as good of a dude and develop and get better, so when that happens, it's just easier," he continued.

Fans shouldn't be too surprised by the comedian's confession, as back in 2020, Pete said, "having children would be an awesome experience."

"I want to be there for someone or do things that I didn't have growing up. That's my biggest thing." Pete said.

Davidson can undoubtedly get quite a bit of advice from his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. The 41-year-old billionaire shares four children with ex-husband Kanye West.

Kim and Pete have been dating since October 2021, when rumors sparked after the pair were spotted together at Knott's Scary Farm in California. Kim recently told fans it was she who made the first move in reaching out to SNL producers asking for Davidson's number after the pair were in a sketch together when she hosted SNL in early October. Things started heating up in January when the couple was spotted going on vacation together in the Bahamas.

Kim recently gushed about her relationship with Davidson on the "Make Space with Hoda Kotb" podcast.

"It feels good just to know that, like, we have this connection and we have our little bubble of a relationship world that we live in that, like, not a lot of people know about. We were driving in the car yesterday, and I just, like, looked at him, and I was like, 'Thank you.' And he was like, 'What?' And I was like, 'For running errands with me, like, this is so much fun just to go to a doctor's appointment or go to the dentist and just, like, run errands. I'm having so much fun.'"

A few months ago, Kim was joined by her sisters and mother, Kris Jenner, for an interview with Access' Kit Hoover. During the game of "Most Likely," the famous family was asked who would be most likely to have as many kids as Kris. While most members held up pictures of Kourtney, Kim held up a photo of Kourtney and herself.

Kim has said that she hopes Pete will be in her life for a "long-time," and she's open to the idea of getting married again. It also seems that Pete already has the family's blessing.

Sister Khloe has said, "Pete just brings out a simplicity in her and just a calmness that I really love and appreciate. He's easy and just, he's so thoughtful, and he makes all of us laugh. And who doesn't want to laugh all day long?"

Kim waited six months before letting Davidson meet her kids, but he has since been photographed with them numerous times. Davidson also got their initials tattooed on his neck.

It looks like Pete may get his happily ever after finally.

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