A child turning 8 years old is hitting an important milestone. It's at this age that they truly begin to understand adult matters and to understand consequences to their behavior.

What can 8-year-olds do?

Here are some life-skills that an 8-year-old can learn.

Personal grooming

They're starting to really pay attention to how they look so it's a great time to teach them to take care of their hair and clean and trim their nails. Buy them their own supplies - they'll love that!

Get up by herself

Get her an alarm clock of own and let her use it! They need to do this themselves so let consequences hit when they don't.

Clean mirrors

Using safe products, teach them this tricky skill. By now, they should be able to clean an entire bathroom so assign that as their chore so they can practice.

Care for pets

This is a wonderful lesson in responsibility. Let them choose a pet and be completely responsible for its care. Teach them how and then let them do it!

Team sport or club

Being part of a team or group is an important adult skill. So sign them up and let them learn!

Musical experience

Whether it's taking lessons on an instrument or being part of a choir, it's great to introduce your child to the wonderful world of music. And practicing daily is a great habit to establish.

Personal talent development

Help them discover their own personal talent. Do they love art? Cycling? Dancing? Karate? Whatever it is, let them experiment and develop.

Read scriptures daily

Children this age are beginning to understand the world is bigger than themselves. Teach them about your religious values. If not religious, introduce your child to poetry and philosophy so they can tap into this expanded awareness.

When kids are 8 years old, it is a time of exploration and discovery. They are finding their individuality and it's a wonderful time to help them along this path. Teaching them important life skills, encouraging them to do daily and weekly chores, and letting them take responsibility are all important steps in this process.

Your child is starting to grow up. Help them along that path and let them grow!

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