Jack (Not his real name) suffered an injury as a small child leaving him with some special needs. As the years went by and Jack went to school, it soon became a place of torture. Each year Jack's anxiety increased as the bullying worsened. Jack lived in a small town. When he began his freshman year of high school, the annual bullying began.

Jack found refuge with his friends from church. A church youth group and scouting program allowed Jack to spend time with the captain of the football team and other young men that were large in stature and heart - all of them popular amazing athletes. They all loved Jack.

One day, when the torture became unbearable, Jack spoke up and shared his experiences with the boys at church. They listened quietly. When Jack was at school that day, and the bullying began, three of the largest young men stepped between Jack and the bullies. They stood shoulder to shoulder and said, "Jack is ours. When you pick on Jack, you pick on us." No violence, no anger, just the quiet protection of friends in the faith, succoring the weak, lifting up hands which hang down, and strengthening feeble knees.

These boys stood up, at an age when others are selfish and silly, showing absolute unconditional love and compassion. No one picked on Jack again, he was loved by example.

When we listen to religious leader, M. Russell Ballard's speech titled, This is My Work and My Glory, we learn about men's roles in the family, as providers and protectors. We are reminded of the Savior stepping in for us and saying, "She is mine. When you hurt her, you hurt me."

Likewise, when you care for her, you serve the Savior and honor spiritual responsibilities. Ballard shares the equal but different roles of men and women. Both roles work hand in hand to "succor the weak."

When you have the compassion of a mother and the power of a righteous man, it is like having the entire line of the mightiest football team in the heavens to stand between you and the world.

The Lord has entrusted us with sacred responsibilities. How do we teach our children and put the principals of righteousness into daily life?

Set an example

The greatest lesson you can give your child and family is a silent one, your actions will speak volumes. Take your children with you when you serve someone. Let them help. When you go visit someone sick, alone, or who needs comfort, let your child observe your unconditional love.

Serve tirelessly

Love and service is the only power that increases in volume as you give it away. It is limitless energy which increases with use. As you serve others, trust God to strengthen you and make it possible for you to serve more.

Teach as the Savior did

Make your home a place where the power of God can reside by keeping it worthy of the spirit. Suddenly you are less concerned about new things or yourself and more concerned for the suffering of a friend who has recently lost someone they love and how you can help.

A worthy power

Teach your child about the power of God, and its authority. Help him to understand the importance of being worthy to use it. Teach them the skills needed to be personally righteous, and help them to understand how sacred this power is, and the good it can do.

Look beyond your family - grow tomatoes

. One of the greatest ways you can teach your children is to take them out of their comfort zone. Step outside, find ways to serve your neighbors. The same power used to heal a sick child, part the red sea, and raise Lazarus from the dead can be used to comfort a neighbor or help a friend.

Ballard compared sharing service to planting seeds. When you plant a tiny seed you get a tomato plant, which has seeds and when nurtured and strengthened, multiplies, like service. When you plant God's love in someone else's heart, it multiplies. They will take this love with them, and soon the whole world will be planted with God's love.

Our time on this earth is hard, trials and heartache surround us. Through one act of service, one kind word, lifting up heads when they hang down, or helping those in need, others will be strengthened and nurtured, and pass the seed of kindness on to someone else. Allow the Lord to nurture your heart with his living waters so your family can be blessed by God's powerful love.

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