When you become a mom, many people share advice with you and often that advice includes "give yourself some space." It is normal to want to spend time with your children but as they grow older, become more mobile and curious about the world around them, they begin to get into everything. They begin to ask a million questions. They begin to drive you a little insane.

In this fun video, three moms perform a parody of Meghan Trainor's song "All About That Bass." This parody, explains why some moms "just need some space." If you're one of the many moms who have a difficult time breaking away from your children and giving yourself a little space, here are three small tips to get you started.

Ask for help

We want to be the super parent, but we can't do it all by ourselves. We need the help of others, whether from our spouse, a neighbor or a family member. Dedicate a certain period of time each week for yourself. This is time you can go to the spa, go for a walk, go get ice cream and simply do whatever you want. Set the same time each week and ask someone to tend the kids while you go out. If you make it a consistent event, you won't be as willing to cancel.

Utilize nap time

Nap time is a sacred time. Even if it is only for an hour, do what you want to do. Don't worry about cleaning, don't worry about folding laundry. Just concentrate on yourself. This is a great time to curl up on the couch with your favorite book, watch some TV or exercise without being disturbed. Make nap time about you, not about anyone else. If your children are too old for naps, have quiet time each afternoon. This is a time where the children read books or watch a movie and they don't disturb mommy.

Give yourself Mommy Time-Outs

On those days that you definitely need a little space, don't be afraid to give yourself a timeout. Tell your kids you are going to time out for 15 minutes and are not to be disturbed. Go into your bedroom, set an alarm, shut the door and just relax. Calm down and use the time to recharge yourself and pump yourself up for the rest of the day.

Sometimes receiving a little space is a lot more difficult than you may desire but if you plan ahead and make it a priority, it will happen. Click here for 5 reasons why 'me' time is so important.

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